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DBD, the founder of SprayGround, has many exciting projects underway. | Source: Valerie Amor Castilla

You’ve grown up, and so have your backpacks.

Sprayground has made a name for itself in the streetwear community with outlandish backpacks that often pack in fandom flavor. Recently, the brand has traveled to candy land, collaborating with Hershey’s Chocolate and Jolly Ranchers. The company has also created accessories — which often sell out in minutes — based on a wide variety of fandoms, including Rick and Morty, Dragon Ball Z, Call of Duty, and more. Each often incorporates the company’s signature shark bite pattern and wild designs.

We spoke with Sprayground founder David BenDavid to see if there’s a crazy way to create these unique looks. Spoiler alert: sort of!

The Pop Insider: Your website lists the expression of rebellion, individuality and creativity as the foundations of Sprayground. In your opinion, why are they important?

David Ben David: I’ve always wanted to turn the banal into crazy. I think everyone expresses themselves in their own way, whether through music, fashion, painting, drawing, writing, etc. I want Sprayground to be that vehicle for those who yearn for creative liberation and like to push boundaries. This is why all our pieces are limited edition and never reproduced again, because we want people to embrace this uniqueness that we instill in everything we create.

PI: How has Sprayground evolved since its creation in 2010?

DB: Sprayground is constantly evolving, we never look back and we always think ahead. When I released my first “Hello My Name Is” backpack and saw the impact this bag was having in streetwear culture, I knew I was on the right track with the creative vision I had. had in mind. Then when we released the Money Stacks backpack, it was just divine confirmation. Now, we’ve expanded into other categories like apparel, luggage, shoes, gaming chairs, and more, and we don’t plan on stopping there. We have more exciting surprises to come!

PI: Sprayground has collaborated with a number of popular brands, do you have a favorite collaboration you’ve worked on?

DB: Each collaboration is unique in its own way; when we work with a certain brand or celebrity we always make sure the collection perfectly reflects what we both envision, it’s a really fun process to design a collaboration from scratch. From the choice of colors, textures, patterns to the planning of the campaign and the marketing behind it. I can’t choose a favorite as they are all unique and different.

Sprayground collaborates with a myriad of different fandoms. | Source: Sprayground

PI: What does the design process for licensed collaborations look like? How do we go from idea to reality?

DB: We like to take pride in the fact that we break the rules, we don’t follow the guidelines. For example, when we first started working with Nickelodeon and SpongeBob, they sent us design guidelines that we had to follow, but we immediately told them we were going to do it the Sprayground way or it wouldn’t happen. was not producing. We gave SpongeBob a crazy shark mouth and created many insane designs that quickly became fan favorites and sold out in minutes. The creator of SpongeBob gave us his blessing, something he’s never done before for any other fashion brand – I think it was pretty epic!

PI: What was the reaction to the new Jolly Ranchers collaboration? How does working with a candy brand differ from working with an established character brand (SpongeBob for example)?

DB: Working with Jolly Rancher has been super fun, they’re such an iconic candy brand, so it took time to create something that suits both Sprayground and Jolly Rancher, and the result is simply mesmerizing. For me, there’s not much difference between working with a candy brand and an established character like Spongebob; each brand has its own market and fan base, so you just have to pay close attention to what you want to highlight and celebrate with your collaboration, it’s always about thinking outside the box!

The Sprayground x Hershey bag

PI: Do you have a dream collaboration you would like to work on?

DB: Sure! I love Tom Ford, Lamborghini and Boeing. I have some crazy ideas in my head that I wish I could share with you, but they are top secret!

PI: What can Sprayground fans expect in the future?

DB: We have a lot of surprises in the works! We just opened our biggest pop-up in Times Square — we’re going to be open for a month. We are also preparing an amazing fashion show for [New York Fashion Week] This year. We’ll be releasing a book and shoes very soon, so keep an eye out!

To keep up with the latest Sprayground releases, visit or follow @sprayground.