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Singer and former ‘The Voice’ judge Gwen Stefani was spotted hitting the mall and grabbing pizza in Midland last weekend. Surprised fans couldn’t contain themselves and are sharing their struggles with the star on all social media.

Stefani was in town because her husband Blake Shelton was performing at the Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort on Saturday night. She joined Shelton on the road for several gigs that summer. In fact, she ended up surprising onlookers when she joined Shelton on stage during the show, but the big sightings came during the day by unsuspecting fans.

Stefani decided to visit the area while Shelton was preparing for the show and drove to downtown Midland. One of her stops led her to check out Pizza Sam’s in downtown Midland. Restaurant worker Ashley Brandt told the Midland News she wasn’t sure it was the megastar walking through the door at first.

“She was normal,” Brandt said. “She had no security or anyone with her.”

Brandt waited for Stefani and her son at their table, where she ordered drinks and a small cheese pizza and that’s when she noticed Stefani’s necklace, which read “Stefani” and “Shelton”, which confirmed that it was indeed the singer. Ashely was able to snap a photo, as were other staff who shared them on the restaurant’s Facebook page, all noting that Stefani was kind and more than willing to take photos with her fans.

Midland Pizzeria wasn’t Stefani’s only stop in Midland. The singer made an impromptu appearance shopping at the Midland Mall. This is where Lauryn Grace was able to take a photo with Stefani when she saw her exiting the Fantastic Finds antique store.

“I had to do a double take a couple of times,” Grace told the Midland Daily News. “I didn’t expect a famous person at the mall. She was friendly, like a normal, down-to-earth person.”

Photo: Lauryn Grace

Lauryn Grace

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