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With six seasons and over seven hundred musical numbers to his credit, Joy has amassed a huge fan base who appreciates the dramatic musical for its charming characters and ridiculous choral exploits. The Fox series premiered in 2009 under the creative direction of Ryan Murphy and is known for its examination of social issues and relationships.

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At its peak, Joy enjoyed high audiences and praise from critics and viewers alike, making it one of the most successful shows of the late 2000s. According to the online database platform IMDb , its ten best episodes, which consist mostly of season finals, all received ratings of 9.0 or above.

ten “Original Song” is an all-time fan favorite (9.0)

Original song of joy

As the Regionals approach, New Directions decide to follow Rachel’s idea of ​​competing with original songs and trying their hand at writing and songwriting.

“Original Song” was the first episode to feature completely original music. “Loser Like Me” and “Get It Right” were written by Joy executive producer Adam Anders and entered the Billboard Hot 100 charts, peaking in the top 20 for songs. “Original Song” was also announced by Rachel Berry actress Lea Michele as the all-time favorite episode voted by fans during Glee: the final countdown.

9 “On My Way” deals with important social topics (9.0)

Joy on my way

As the New Directions prepare to take on the Warblers at the Regionals, Sebastian tries to blackmail Rachel into quitting the competition. Meanwhile, Dave Karofsky deals with bullies and spirals into a suicidal episode.

“On My Way” tackles homophobia, bullying and texting while driving in one episode. The shocking scenes of Karofsky’s suicide attempt and Quinn’s car crash are among the most powerful in Joythe story of and had a significant impact on the public. Calls to the LGBTQ + youth organization Project Trevor’s suicide hotline have reportedly increased by 300%. Episode was written by Pinch / Tuckby Bradley Buecker and Riverdalescored by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa.

8 “100” celebrates the longevity of Glee (9.0)

Joy 100

Current and past members of New Directions return to McKinley to reminisce about their last hundred lessons now that the Glee Club has been disbanded by Sue. Club friends April Rhodes and Holly Holliday also pass by the choir room to share wisdom and great music.

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“100” brilliantly celebrates the hundredth episode of Glee. It brings back several fan-favorite characters who had been away for some time, like Quinn and Brittany, and marks Artie’s 100th appearance on the series. Fans took on the role of DJ, as they were able to choose the featured music for the episode. The selections included “Toxic” by Britney Spears and “Valerie” from the Zutons.

7 Glee Club Graduates in “New Directions” (9.0)

Glee New Directions

The last original members of New Directions have finally graduated, the alumni are returning to confront their differences, and Holly and April are doing their best to keep the Glee Club afloat.

Tina, Brittany, Blaine and other senior members of the McKinley Glee Club are pursuing their graduate studies in the aptly named “New Directions”. Episode was written and directed by Joy creator Brad Falchuk, who previously wrote fan favorite episodes “Grilled Cheesus” and “Born This Way”. “New Directions” features the sixth performance of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin ‘” and the second from the original song, “Loser Like Me”.

6 “Sectionals” is joy at its best (9.1)

Glee Sectionals

The New Directions are finally heading to Sectionals in the eponymous episode of the series. When their competition shocks them by performing their setlist, the McKinley High Glee Club must come up with a new one before taking the stage.

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“Sectionals” is an important episode in Joythe story. It revealed several important plot points, including Brittany and Santana’s romance and the fatherhood of Quinn’s baby, and provided fans with some of the most iconic ones. Joy covers like “Don’t Rain On My Parade”, from Funny girl. Critics responded well to the positive energy of the episode, highlighting the musical performances and the development of the plot.

5 “Dreams Come True” marks the end of an era (9.1)

Dreams of joy come true

New Directions alumni celebrate their time at Glee Club and make their dreams come true in “Dreams Come True”, the fist of the show. The series finale was written by the three Joy co-creators – Ryan Murphy, Ian Brennan and Brad Falchuk – and featured most of the show’s cast, who returned one last time to reprise their roles as guest stars.

“Dreams Come True” also projects into the characters’ futures in a COVID-free 2020, showing how they are doing five years after their last goodbye. The episode also features six musical numbers, including “This Time”, an original song by Darren Criss that was sung by Rachel as her last solo song in the series.

4 “2009” Takes Fans Back in Time to Glee’s Golden Years (9.1)

Joy 2009

Rachel, Kurt, Tina, Mercedes and Artie join their high school Glee Club and face the aftermath in “2009,” a flashback episode that delves into the hidden stories of the original five members of New Directions. It showed their clubs’ auditions, including never-before-seen footage of Artie singing “Pony,” and paid homage to the pilot episode.

“2009” is the most-watched episode of season six, with over two and a half million viewers. It aired an hour before the series finale, “Dreams Come True”, and featured archive footage of Cory Monteith during the first performance of “Don’t Stop Believin ‘”. Jessalyn Gilsig also returned as Will’s ex-wife Terri, her first appearance since season four.

3 “Journey To Regionals” is full of celebrity guests (9.2)

Glee Journey To Regionals

New Directions face their first Regionals competition with a setlist of Journey songs. When Quinn gives birth right after their performance, all hell breaks loose as the Glee Club tries to decide how to proceed.

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“Journey To Regionals” was watched by 11 million viewers when it first aired on US television. It was received positively by critics, who praised the episode’s high energy and Joyspecial mix of comedy and drama. Olivia Newton-John and Josh Groban played judges alongside Jane Lynch’s Sue Sylvester. As the season one finale, “Journey To Regionals” showed the climax of various character arcs throughout the season, including Quinn’s pregnancy and New Directions’ preparations to compete.

2 “Nationals” is the culmination of a journey (9.2)

Nationals of joy

As the Nationals quickly approach, the New Directions succumb to their nerves and desperately try to defeat them before the competition. After getting together, they successfully execute their setlist and, to their delight, finally win the Nationals.

“Nationals” is a rewarding ending to New Directions’ journey from losers to winners, giving them the triumph they deserve. Now national champions, they return to McKinley to be greeted with joy by their classmates, who congratulate them with confetti and cheers. Critics praised the episode’s outstanding performances, particularly Vocal Adrenaline’s rendition of “Starships” and Rachel’s solo, “It’s All Coming Back To Me Now,” which was one of the highlights. Joy’the most powerful blankets.

1 “The Quarterback” is a celebration of life (9.6)

Glee the quarterback

After Finn’s untimely death, current and past members of New Directions gather in the choir room to remember him with songs and memories.

“The Quarterback” is a tribute to the life of Cory Monteith, his work on Joy, and his friendships with his fellow cast members. The death of the Canadian actor prompted the three showrunners to create an episode remembering him and his character, Finn Hudson. Seven and a half million fans celebrated Monteith’s legacy on the episode’s premiere date, giving Joy his best mark in a year. The cast performed various songs related to Finn or Monteith, including “I’ll Stand By You” and “Make You Feel My Love,” which were later released in an accompanying EP.

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