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Fans know what to expect from every episode of Gilmore Girls, because there are going to be some smart jokes, lots of jokes, and some dramatic moments surrounding Rory and Lorelai’s love life. But even though many fans count this among their favorite TV shows and rewatch many episodes, some stand out more than others as more compelling and well-crafted favorites than others.

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From a few sweet episodes of Season 1 about Max and Lorelai and Dean and Rory to an episode full of flashbacks highlighting Lorelai’s pregnancy, these Gilmore Girls the episodes will always be remembered with a big smile.

ten “Love and war and snow” (S1, E8)

Gilmore Girls' Episode of Love and War and Snow

Of all the best Gilmore Girls winter episodes, many love this season 1 episode and consider it one of the best in the whole series. A Redditor wrote: “” Love & War & Snow ‘is my favorite wellness episode” because it is “comfortable”. The fan loves intrigue: Max and Lorelai have a surprise date, Lorelai helps Lane after an embarrassing moment, and Rory bonds with Emily and Richard.

It’s heartwarming to see Max and Lorelai hook up at Lorelai’s home port, as she gets the opportunity to show him how much she loves living in Stars Hollow, and fans appreciate the cozy little town tone. snowy.

9 “They’re shooting Gilmores, aren’t they” (S3, E7)

Rory and Dean dance to Stars Hollow dance-a-thon on Gilmore Girls

Reddit user otherannakendrick loves this Season 3 episode, explaining, “Loving the plot building with Jess and a 24 hour dance marathon is such a lovely and fun little town tradition.” Reddit user caseyfla agreed, noting the funny moment Kirk was running around with his trophy.

It’s definitely a special episode that ends Rory and Dean’s romance and allows Rory to truly confess his feelings for Jess. It’s both hilarious and heartwarming, which sets it apart from the series’ 7 seasons. Given that fans are so enamored with Stars Hollow, it makes sense that they like the idea of ​​a dance marathon that lasts so long and elicits so many heightened emotions.


8 “Bracebridge’s Dinner” (S2, E10)

Split Image of Bracebridge and Lorelai and Rory's Dinner on Gilmore Girls

Several fans adore “The Bracebridge Dinner”, with Reddit user patheticathletic noting that it has “Peak stars Hollow, a healthy dose of Richard and Emily, and Rory / Jess”.

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Lorelai asks her friends and family to come for dinner at the Independence Inn, as the scheduled guests cancel due to snow, and they eat old-fashioned food and have a great time. This episode is all about connection, friendship, and some warning signs that Rory and Jess are going to end up together.

7 “Pilot” (S1, E1)

Scott Patterson as Luke Danes in Pilot Episode of Gilmore Girls

The Gilmore Girls Pilot is perfect in many ways, and it’s a wonderful introduction to Rory and Lorelai’s bond with the sweet little town they live in.

Reddit user SucculentFire wrote: “I really like the pilot. I think he’s one of the best pilots ever. The ending with dinner sets the series up perfectly” and a mentioned the scene where a guy tries to get Lorelai and Rory back and then realizes that they are mother and daughter. Right away, viewers know that Rory and Lorelai are smart and clever, and that sets them up nicely.

6 “The blues of the wedding bells” (S5, E13)

A split image of Emily Gilmore on her vow renewal day in Gilmore Girls

When Emily and Richard renew their vows, it’s a time of celebration and yet one of the most intense storylines. Reddit user Flaviabarcellos explained that they loved this Season 5 episode: “Lorelai and Emily at their best, Luke and Christopher are fighting for a role in Rory’s life. Simply awesome.”

Not only is it exciting to see Rory’s grandparents again, but it’s also super dramatic when Luke and Christopher realize that they are each a threat and that they might have to fight to see who can win the Lorelai’s heart. It’s a conversation that was just waiting to happen and many fans are loving Luke’s passion here.

5 “The Lorelais’ first day at Yale” (S4, E2)

rory and lorelai laughing at yale - gilmore girls

For a Redditor, this is an excellent episode because it is an “important turning point in the life of the characters”. The fan mentioned that it was “bittersweet” since Lorelai had not gone to college herself.

While Rory and Lorelai’s worst fights stand out, as they’re usually so excited to go out and joke around, they also have some moving scenes like when Rory wants Lorelai to spend the night on her first night at Yale. The fact that Rory feels comfortable with her mother helping her integrate into college life proves how close they will always be.

4 “Lorelai’s graduation day” (S2, E21)

gilmore girls lorelai graduation

It’s huge when Lorelai goes to business school and starts working to run her own hostel. She has always wanted to make her own plans and she realizes that the time is right. Reddit user anantp likes the episode with “Lorelei’s Graduation” because the “Jokes are solid” and there is a drama with “Rory missing it”.

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This episode marks a big change for Rory and Lorelai, as Lorelai knows that Rory cares about Jess and that those feelings must come to light at some point.

3 “This D * mn Donna Reed” (S1, E14)


One of the more classic scenes is when Dean sees Rory dressed as Donna Reed and when she tells him that she made him dinner. Speaking of a “feel-good episode,” Reddit user JessicaWakefield said she loved this Season 1 episode because of “the baby chick and Luke trying to help,” which Rory and “Introduction to Lane’s Floor Filing System”.

Rory tries to see this situation from Dean’s point of view because family is so important to him, and it’s also a remarkable episode thanks to Lorelai asking Luke to find Rory’s baby who is lost in their house. . When Luke assumes Lorelai is trying to seduce him, fans get even more involved in their romance.

2 “Written in the stars” (S5, E3)

Luke takes Lorelai on a date at Gilmore Girls

Luke and Lorelai’s first date is a romantic moment Gilmore Girls scene, and reluctant Reddit user leaders included this Season 5 episode in their Top 10, writing “Probably the cutest / sweetest episode on the show.”

While fans would expect Luke to want to slow things down, he tells Lorelai that he’s “on full blast” and that he saved the funny horoscope she wrote for him when they met. Lorelai knows Luke is genuine and sees in him a new, more sensitive and emotional part that is not always present in her daily life at the restaurant.

1 “Dear Emily and Richard” (S3, E13)

young chris and lorelai in gilmore girls

The Season 3 episode “Dear Emily And Richard” gives fans a detailed explanation of what it was like when Lorelai gave birth to Rory in high school. Reddit user caitlin_marie_gg posted that among their “four favorite episodes,” this one is definitely worth mentioning.

While viewers know that Emily and Lorelai have a strained relationship because Emily thinks Lorelai has abandoned her, this episode shows that they are both right and wrong about what happened. The two characters love each other but cannot find the right words to put their relationship back on track.

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