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Image via Nickelodeon and Sony PlayStation

It’s no secret that brands compete on social media for consumer attention. And while they sometimes do so with promotional content, these accounts would share memes to prove how “hip” and “quirky” they are. But sometimes this “eccentricity” can go over people’s heads because PlayStation posted a cryptic tweet that made gamers very confused.

PlayStation Italy posted a Tweet where the company just wrote gibberish. For most people, this tweet might fly over people’s heads. But if you look closely at the message, it’s just their social media manager pressing every text and number key on their keyboard.

This tweet was weird mainly because PlayStation is a console. Using a keyboard is rare unless you’re using the PlayStation Store or logging into your account. So the fans reacted as best they could, spamming Sponge Bob SquarePants memes.

Fans began to investigate why PlayStation posted this tweet and a majority concluded that it was referring to their latest video game title, Wander. Fans thought the social media manager’s cat may have entered the keyboard and written all of this.

And it turns out they were right. PlayStation Italy has confirmed that their social media manager is AFK due to the new video game.

“When it came out #Stray and the social media manager was AFK.”

Dang PlayStation, go ahead creating a fun cryptic tweet. Not only did you confuse the fans, but you also managed to promote your new game.

Wander is now available on PlayStation 4 and 5.