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San Diego Padres star Juan Soto hasn’t lived up to his standards lately, and he horribly missed a fly ball in Game 2 of the NLCS.

The San Diego Padres made the biggest trade of the deadline with Home Run Derby champion Juan Soto, and he hasn’t quite played at the same level since joining San Diego. Now in Game 2 of the NLCS, he horribly missed a fly ball.

Soto almost looked like he missed it on purpose. Sure, he probably didn’t, but the room looked pretty goofy. He basically ducked as the ball approached his glove, looking scared. He turned away instead of catching it, which allowed a Philadelphia Phillies run in. Which game.

Of course, many people had things to say about the situation. As crazy things happen in baseball, Twitter becomes a fun place with hilarious reactions.

Best miss ball memes and tweets from Padres star Juan Soto

The game took place in the early afternoon in sunny San Diego, so the sun more than likely played a part in Soto’s poor play. In this case, he should have worn sunglasses, which many fans have raised.

One fan wrote, “If only we had something for this situation. An invention to rest your eyes on sunny days. Maybe I’ll make it up and call them “sunglasses”. I will send him a pair.

Another made a good point, saying the Phillies were dealing with the sun just as much as the Padres. They wrote, “Don’t cry about Padre Day Games fans, both teams are struggling with this, the better team will win. Either way, San Diego should have the edge because it’s home.

We just tweeted a funny Spongebob gif that said “My eyes” and captioned it “Soto in the outfield”.

With a few night games in Philadelphia, time will tell who the better team really is.