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R&B superstar R Kelly was convicted of racketeering and several other charges last year during a sex trafficking trial. This incident turned out to be a defining moment in the #MeToo movement. Kelly was charged by prosecutors that the entourage of managers and assistants who helped Kelly meet girls and keep them obedient amounted to a criminal enterprise. In a memo filed ahead of his sentencing later this month, prosecutors said Kelly should receive at least 25 years in prison.

Campaigns against and for R. Kelly

Prosecutors wrote that R Kelly’s criminal behavior consists of “the enticement of children, the sexual exploitation of children through the production of child pornography, forced labor and the exposure of others through unprotected sexual intercourse to an incurable communicable disease”. Following the incident, netizens began posting their opinion on the matter. Some R Kelly fans were campaigning and claimed he was innocent.

Fans demanded his music be banned

Spongebob to the rescue of R Kelly

Prosecutors have requested 25 years in prison for R Kelly

During the trial, prosecutors said, “Kelly used her fame, money and popularity to systematically prey on children and young women for her own sexual gratification.” Later, the prosecutor added, “He pursued his crimes and avoided punishment for almost 30 years and must now be held to account.” R Kelly’s lawyers said it was wrong to claim he should be given more time, “The record shows that Jane’s parents ordered Jane to lie to the defendant about her age and told him then encouraged to seduce him.”

R&B superstar R Kelly, 55, is due to be sentenced on June 29.