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It has finally been revealed that Lab Coat Android 21 will be released on February 24, 2022. Lab Coat Android 21’s breakdown during the Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour 2022 clearly demonstrated how greatly she differs from her Majin form during gameplay.

Towards the end of Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour 2022, Tomoko Hiroki, producer of Dragon Ball FighterZ, made an appearance to talk about Lab Coat Android 21 and the future of Dragon Ball FighterZ. Needless to say, what was said – or rather what wasn’t said – ended up leaving fans extremely disappointed.

“We are currently considering a variety of different in-game and out-of-game events to ensure everyone can continue to enjoy Dragon Ball FighterZ,” Hiroki said after briefly reviewing information from Lab Coat Android. 21. “Thank you for your continued support!”

And that was all Hiroki had to say about the future of Dragon Ball FighterZ. Many fans hoped there would be more on the horizon.

SS4 Gogeta was released in March 2021 as the final character of FighterZ Pass 3. Since there was no announcement for FighterZ Pass 4, it was thought that this must be the end of Dragon Ball FighterZ.

However, the sudden reveal of Lab Coat Android 21 in December 2021 revived hopes. Was this new character meant to be the first character in FighterZ Pass 4?

It looks like we’re back to where we were about a year ago when it was unofficially concluded that post-launch development for Dragon Ball FighterZ was complete.

GamesCage – Hype Guy ended up posting an overreaction to it all. Once again there was no news for restore netcode in Dragon Ball FighterZ.

yacha released a hilarious parody that sums up how Dragon Ball FighterZ fans felt after their hopes were dashed again in the same way it was a year ago.

Also in response to all of this, World Panda revisited a popular meme that features Squidward, representing Dragon Ball FighterZ, looking at SpongeBob and Patrick, representing BlazBlue and Guilty Gear respectively, having fun outside.

Some popular titles from the BlazBlue and Guilty Gear series were updated with rollback netcode not too long ago, while the developers of Dragon Ball FighterZ released a statement outlining various reasons why they couldn’t keep up. this example.

Overall, the mood of the Dragon Ball FighterZ fanbase suddenly took a nosedive after Hiroki’s comments, because it really feels like there might be nothing else after the release of Lab Coat Android 21.