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A new mysterious render has fans speculating on a new SpongeBob game.

THQ Nordic

SpongeBob fans believe they’ve spotted a match for an all-new SpongeBob game that will be announced during the THQ Nordic 10th Anniversary live stream.

THQ Nordic recently announced that it will be hosting a digital 10th anniversary event and that brand new titles from its studios will be revealed during the live broadcast.

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Along with this announcement was the seemingly innocuous presentation of a 10th anniversary event logo, the number ten of which is filled with images of games from THQ Nordic. While most of the renderings are games fans will recognize, such as Destroy All Humans and BioMutant, one image caught fans off guard.

On the left side of the logo is a purple division, which contains SpongeBob SquarePants, Patrick and Sandy. The first thought is, it’s probably for Battle for Bikini Bottom: Rehydrated. No big deal, right? Upon closer inspection, however, fans realized that this was a brand new render that they had never seen before and that it certainly wasn’t related to the SpongeBob game. most recent.

A close look at the render shows that Patrick and SpongeBob SquarePants look like they are being sucked into some vortex, which is a render we’ve never seen for them before. The biggest quirk in the picture is Sandy, who appears to be wearing her Karate Island gear for the first time in a game, as well as riding something. These renderings don’t appear to relate to any past SpongeBob games, which makes it likely that this is more of a match for a brand new title.

THQ Nordic also specifically teased SpongeBob SquarePants in their Twitter post for the event. In a follow-up Tweet, he said, “Witness the return of legendary franchises and sequels to beloved games. We hope you are ready, children.”

The general belief right now is that Purple Lamp Studios, the team behind Battle For Bikini Bottom: Rehydrated, has been cleared to work on a brand new SpongeBob title following the success of this remaster.

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