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Extraordinary Prosecutor Woo episode 13 aired on August 11, 2022, and fans are worried about their beloved character Jung Myeong-seok (Kang Ki-young). The lawyer had coughed up blood in last week’s episode and yesterday we saw him in tears as he regretted the past he had sacrificed for the job.

In episode 13, Jung Myeong-seok is first seen visiting the hospital, after which there is a change in his personality. He suggests an impromptu trip to Jeju disguised as a business trip. Later, he is seen regretting having spent his life doing nothing but work, which also influenced his marriage.

Seeing him so sad, fans can’t help but pray that he gets the happy ending he deserves. On the other hand, Woo Young-woo is in the news again, as fans can’t help but be saddened by Lee Jun-ho’s sister’s reaction. If the fact that she said those things wasn’t enough, then the fact that she listened to those words broke our hearts.

Other characters who became highlights of this episode were Dong Geurami, Hwan Min-woo, and Choi Suyeon. This business trip was fun to watch and we can’t wait for the second part of this episode.

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“Myeongseok’s story is heartbreaking, but it’s the reality these days. Most of us work hard to achieve success, but sacrifices are inevitable. We lose ourselves in the process😢#ExtraordinaryAttorneyWoo#ExtraordinaryAttorneyWooEp13pointed out one of the fans.

Another fan wrote, “All the Hanbada lawyers dressed up in formal outfits for the ‘business trip’ to Jeju, and then there was lawyer Jung who wore the most colorful outfit ever! PLEASE PROTECT LAWYER JUNG AT ALL COSTS! 😭#ExtraordinaryAttorneyWooEp13#ExtraordinaryAttorneyWoo

These aren’t the only things fans have been talking about, here are more fan reactions to the latest episode.

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Check Out Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episode 13 Reactions

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Episode 14 is set to release on August 11, 2022, so stay tuned for what’s in store for Jung Myeong-seok and everyone else.

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