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Benny’s Bigfoot barbecue

Pork tenderloin sandwich $ 10 (add a slice of pork belly for $ 2)

Pork chop $ 8

Bites of pork belly in sauce $ 8

Mac and cheese and bacon $ 6

The Benny’s Bigfoot barbecue is new at the fair this year. Complete with a range of pork products, it’s impossible to go wrong with any of the menu items.

My favorite item on the menu was the pork belly bites. Packed with flavor, these bites are a show staple this year.

The macaroni and bacon and cheese was also fantastic. It had a great smoky flavor and was nice and creamy.

Pork tenderloin sandwich with bacon mac and cheese

As for the pork tenderloin and pork chop sandwich, they were cooked to perfection. Normally, it can be difficult to keep the pork moist during the cooking process. This was not the case for either of these two elements. Bigfoot’s homemade sauce also provided a nice sweet and tangy zipper to the pork.

Benny’s Bigfoot BBQ is owned and operated by Ben Berhow. If you think the name sounds familiar to you, it’s because Berhow graduated from Albert Lea in 2006 and was a state champion wrestler for the Tigers.

Stop by Benny’s Bigfoot BBQ to support a local and enjoy one of their great dishes.

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