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Michelle Yeoh’s legendary career spanned countless genres and iconic movies, but even she had never starred in a movie like “Everything Everywhere All at Once” before. Tasked with playing protagonist Evelyn, Yeoh was able to draw on her gifts for comedic timing and fight choreography, but was also able to play in a much more absurd world she had never been part of before. Some actors might balk at being asked to join such an unusual feature, but Yeoh was enthusiastic from the start (via Cosmopolitan), mostly because of the prospect of working with directors Dan Kwan and Dan Scheinert.

Yeoh was also enthusiastic about playing a character like Evelyn, who inhabited an archetype (a middle-aged mother) that she felt was often entirely erased in cinematic narratives. Not only learning to play this role, but also playing her as a standalone protagonist filled Yeoh with excitement. On top of all that, Yeoh was inspired to join “Everything Everywhere All at Once” due to everyone involved’s dedication to the film. Such passion is contagious and proved to be a key ingredient, among many others, in securing Yeoh’s participation in this unforgettably unorthodox film.