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Dragon ball super Chapter 77 of the manga took fans on a journey through history, to the crucial genocide that took place on the planet Cereal. It was Freeza and his murderers Saiyan Great Ape who wiped out the Cerealians – Goku eventually learns that it was his father Bardock who broke ranks and made sure that a Cerealian (Graonlah) and an old Namekian (Monaito) survived the massacre. Bardock’s acts of heroism are a big comeback for the Dragon ball franchise, as the character has previously been described as one of Freeza’s loyal soldiers – until his planet Vegeta was on Freeza’s chopping block.

After Dragon ball super Chapter 77, Bardock has been officially repositioned as a major anti-hero and the clear source of Goku’s heroic nature. However, not all Dragon ball fans love the changes to Bardock’s story and character in Dragon ball super

Brother bless this chapter

Love for Dragon Ball Super is high right now, as Bardock’s story struck a chord with many fans.

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Complex Saiyans are Good Saiyans

Dragon Ball Z began by describing the Saiyans as bloodthirsty warrior brutes. Look how far we have come since! A lot of fans love progression and aren’t afraid to say it.

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Swag’s legacy

Bardock’s love is only growing, as many fans appreciate the closer thematic threads between him and Goku.

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What Goku inherited

So many fans now feel a greater resonance and greater logic in Goku’s family history arc. In many ways, the story of Bardock’s actions on Cereal provides a much needed basis for why Goku was the only one who could reject his Saiyan nature and become a hero.

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Dad Son Moment

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 77 recreates this moving moment from the movie Dragon Ball Super: Broly. And now we love him even more knowing how he inspired his heroism on Cereal.

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Bardock is all the rage on social media – positive proof that he still has a lot of love in the Dragon ball fandom.

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Why are they so crazy ???

This fan asks the obvious question: does this little chapter on Bardock’s life have anything to get angry about? We know people will – but should they or they?

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Saiyans CAN have empathy

This debate about the nature of Saiyans and their empathy (or lack thereof) has raged in Dragon Ball fandoms for years. This latter development does not facilitate settlement.

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