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As President, Joe Biden will no doubt do his best to smoke out the federal government, but he could be stuck with at least one major pest in the years to come: U.S. Postmaster General Louis DeJoy.

DeJoy, the Trump loyalist who deliberately delayed the nation’s postal service to please his boss Desire Suppressing postal votes from Democratic voters was called for by the Post’s Board of Governors last year. One could hope that the board will appoint a better one under Biden.

However, the majority of the board members, four, are Trump-appointed and their terms extend well into the years of the Biden administration.

So if he doesn’t step down, DeJoy, a large GOP fundraiser, will remain Postmaster General – and have a free hand in the 2022 midterm elections, backed by a board of directors who backed him as he ripped sorters from postal facilities, removed public mailboxes, and worked overtime suspended figures ahead of this month’s elections.

DeJoy is so bold – and so loyal to Trump’s cause – that the day after election day he resisted a federal judge’s order to conduct a mandatory review of undelivered ballot mail handling facilities.

There is a way to end this madness and we hope Biden takes it. The new president could immediately appoint additional governors to the postal board, which currently has three members. A trio of Biden officials would give the Democrats a 5-4 majority with enough leverage to give DeJoy his well-deserved walking papers.

We also hope Biden’s Department of Justice responds to a call by US MPs Ted Lieu, California, and Hakeem Jeffries, New York, for a state investigation into DeJoy and the Post Board of Governors. In one Letter to the FBI In August lawmakers alleged that DeJoy’s attempts to delay the mail were against federal law.

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