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Today, Facebook launched the Facebook Independent Artist Program which makes it easier for undistributed independent artists to share their music and voices with millions of fans through Facebook and Instagram products. DistroKid, the world’s leading independent music distributor, is one of the premier preferred distribution partners. The new program allows all independent artists who are not signed with a label to make their music available on Facebook and Instagram products such as Stories, Reels and everywhere else the music is used for free on the platforms.

“Music discovery and sharing happens in a very powerful way on Facebook and Instagram, so we’re excited to be able to support independent artists by ensuring that their music can be distributed for free through these important channels,” said the founder. and CEO of DistroKid. Philippe Kaplan. “This initiative is of huge benefit to independent artists around the world and we are delighted to partner with Facebook on this program.”

For artists who are not yet members of DistroKid, registering for the new program is simple and accessible here. The participation of artists is also completely free. The new initiative is expected to drive an influx of DistroKid artists to Facebook’s apps and generate additional income opportunities for independent artists around the world every time their music is used to create content.

“Facebook is proud to make it easier for independent artists and creators to reach new audiences on our platform and to build community through music. When they join our Independent Artist Program, creators are supported by our exceptional distribution partners, which allows them to put their music forward, to more people, in all of our apps, ”said Chris Papaleo, Business Development Manager, Facebook Music.

Existing DistroKid members already have access to Facebook and Instagram and will continue to enjoy seamless distribution on these vital platforms in addition to other major streaming services.