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Mighty Jaxx and Jason Freeny stopped by the NYCC to showcase their collabs. | Source: The Pop Insider

Have you ever thought about what’s inside your toys? Mighty Jaxx and Jason Freeny have.

The Singapore-based toy and collectibles company and the New York-based artist have long collaborated on a series of collectibles called “Dissectibles.” Each of these figures is segmented into two halves: one that highlights the character’s outer body and another that highlights the character’s inner body. For New York Comic-Con (NYCC)Mighty Jaxx invited Jason Freeny to their booth to present their collaborations.

The two began collaborating when Mighty Jaxx was just getting started. Not only have the two expanded their fanbases over the years, but also – because they’ve worked together for so long – the creative process is now much easier. “I think Mighty Jaxx and I have come to understand each other,” Freeny tells The Pop Insider. “We are now in such a rhythm where they will get a license, simulate things, and I can approve it almost immediately.”

Although he hit his stride with licensed characters, Freeny didn’t start out drawing popular characters. He started with other illustrations, but focused on one of a robot with a pet balloon dog. After several plays, he began to think about what might be under the balloon’s latex surface. His curiosity led him to make an anatomical diagram of what the balloon dog would look like inside, which garnered a lot of positive feedback.

Freeny then moved on to licensed characters. He started by sculpting his characters, but after partnering up with Mighty Jaxx, he soon realized that it was faster to model them in 3D. It’s also useful for long-distance partnership – Freeny is based in New York, while Mighty Jaxx’s headquarters are in Singapore. “With this technology, we are able to work together, lead the art and do everything in this direction,” Freeny explains. Jasmine Aw, Licensing and Artist Relations Manager at Mighty Jaxx, agrees, “We’re looking forward to releasing a lot of new stuff with Jason.”

Over the years, Mighty Jaxx and Freeny have released collections ranging from licenses ranging from My little Pony and Sponge Bob SquarePantsto new anime licenses, like A play. Despite the positive public response to Freeny’s Dissectibles, not every company is jumping to put their characters’ skins in the game, so to speak. However, Freeny says that more and more brands are starting to realize that fan art is a good thing, so hopefully fans can expect to see more licenses joining Dissectibles in the future.

And as for his dream character property? Freeny feels like he’s done it all. “SpongeBob was always what I wanted to do,” he says. “It made me happy.”

Mighty Jaxx debuted his Cosmiq Luffy figure at NYCC. | Source: The Pop Insider

In addition to Freeny’s art, Mighty Jaxx is also exhibiting his One Piece Cosmiq Luffy figure ($169) for the first time at NYCC. After crossing a portal from the New World to modern Japan, Luffy gets a burst of streetwear in this figure. It is available online at the links below.

If you’re at NYCC, stop by the Mighty Jaxx booth (#1537) to check out these numbers in person. And if you miss the show, you can buy most of them online at