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by Dan Harmon Community is an American sitcom that has thrived over the years with its ambitious and outlandish ideas that have generally been well received by fans and viewers in general. The show likes to draw inspiration from all corners of film, television, and popular culture, which then helps shape its characters and narrative direction.

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While Dan Harmon wasn’t the helm of the show’s largely disappointing fourth season, he returned for the fifth season and the results improved dramatically, a testament to his talents as a producer and showrunner. Generally, CommunityEpisodes of were well received, with many memorable characters, interactions, and episodes.

ten The Geothermal Escape is an action-packed, emotional farewell to Troy Barnes (9.4)

Troy and Abed do not touch the lava episode community

The fifth episode of the fifth season saw Troy Barnes say an emotional goodbye to the series. Still, the episode was fun and chaotic in a way that has become synonymous with Community and Greendale College over the years, a campus-wide game with a tempting and valuable prize.

The episode is a long, dramatic play of “Floor Is Lava,” rich in cinematic references but with the underlying tone of sadness over Troy’s impending departure, especially regarding Abed’s apparent denial. With its dystopian, fantasy themes and overall aesthetic, not to mention the appearance of actor LeVar Burton, it’s no wonder the episode is consistently one of the highest rated. Community episodes to date.

9 Conspiracy theories and interior design are simply classic, community fun and chaotic nonsense (9.4)

TV Community Conspiracy Theories and Dean of Interior Design

Community was booming in its second season, producing many fun and memorable episodes, and Conspiracy theories and interior design was no exception. While Troy and Abed have fun building a colossal fort on the cover, Jeff wants to prove to the Dean that a course he created for extra credit, “Conspiracy Theories in US History” taught by Professor Professorson, is actually real.

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What ensues is a hilarious series of events that involve multiple conspiracies, from Professor Professorson actually being acting teacher Sean Garrity, to multiple uses of prop guns to teach different people different lessons. After a chaotic exchange, Officer Cackowski bursts in and shoots Garrity, the final lesson being for the Dean, Annie and Jeff that guns are not toys to play with.

8 Digital Estate Planning Considers Study Group and Giancarlo Esposito Like Video Game Characters (9.5)

TV Community Digital Estate Planning Video Game Episode

Although it is as serious a subject as the discussion of the will of Pierce Hawthorne’s recently deceased father, Cornelius, Digital estate planning sees Pierce, the rest of the study group, and Cornelius’ “assistant” Gilbert playing a 2D video game to compete for the old man’s legacy.

The majority of the episode follows the game’s characters as 2D avatars, with several video game references, cheat codes, and reappearances to various inspirations drawn from classic 8-bit games. Not only is it fun to see the study group in the world of a video game, with battling and learning various mechanics, but the show managed to cast Gilbert as esteemed actor Giancarlo Esposito.

7 Basic Lupine Urology is an entertaining tribute to law and order (9.5)

Basic episode of Lupine Urology from Community Annie and Jeff work on the case

Basic Lupine Urology is a perfect homage to a hit TV show Law and order like a crime and police drama, but with the undeniable Community touch of pure chaos and overflowing energy. It revolves around a biology project of growing yams resulting in disaster as someone tampers and kills the study group’s project.

An investigation ensues with Troy and Abed taking on the roles of detectives and questioning the suspects while Jeff and Annie prepare a case for their makeshift court. The episode is a fun and overly dramatic twist on Law and ordereven the title of the episode is a tribute to Law and order creator Dick Wolf.

6 The emotional aftermath of the TV broadcast is the perfect send off for the show (9.5)

The study group hugging in the study hall.

Even the most passionate Community fans should admit the show went downhill after Troy Barnes left Donald Glover. Still, the final three episodes of the final season have certainly registered well with fans.

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The finale in particular is seen as the perfect farewell to the show as everyone waits for the famous “six seasons and a movie” quote to come true. The Save Greendale Committee holds its final meeting and gradually says goodbye to its characters, but not before they’ve each “presented” ideas for what a seventh season of the show would look like. The episode is a return to the classic Community hilarity while dealing with the inevitable sadness that accompanies the end of a show.

5 Advanced Dungeons & Dragons is hilarious and engrossing despite its controversy (9.5)

Abed holding a Dungeons & Dragons module.

Advanced Dungeons and Dragons is still considered one of the best episodes of the series. However, it is unfortunately marred by controversy which saw it removed from streaming on Netflix.

The episode plays into the fantasy themes surrounding the game Dungeons & Dragons in an over-the-top and generally Community way, with hilarious music and acting. It centers on the study group trying to rescue Fat Neil, who is severely depressed and known to be a fan of the game. a way that creates unexpected tension, making the episode all the more compelling.

4 For a few paintballs, this is a terrific Star Wars themed episode (9.6)

TV community for a few more paintballs Troy

Community loves his parodies, some more blatant than others, but For a few more paintballs is one of those more obvious influences and themes. As the season two finale, it follows A handful of paintballs and shifts the western theme to Star Wars, with City College undercover “players” wearing Stormtrooper-like gear and Abed outwardly claiming he’s taking on a Han Solo persona.

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While not quite up to par with the previous installment, it’s still a fun and exciting journey, with the rivalry between Greendale and City College reaching its climax with the still sky-high amount of cash. to be won as a prize.

3 A handful of paintballs sees a western theme added to the classic Greendale paintball mayhem (9.7)

Handful of Paintballs Annie and the Black Rider and

The first of two paintball episodes at the end of the second season, A handful of paintballs brings a western theme, filled with cowboy-like music, designs, and overall aesthetics, from the cowboy duel of Annie and Pierce to the character introduction of Josh Holloway from the Black Rider.

Abed, Troy and Jeff wear outfits representing The good the bad and the ugly, The Magnificent Seven, and Blazing Saddles, respectively – a tribute to the most iconic western film influences on the episode. The western aesthetic is a perfect setting for creating tension, both with Pierce and the rest of the study group, but also for the truth about the prize money and who’s behind it.

2 Modern Warfare paved the way for future paintball episodes in a spectacular way (9.8)

Jeff jumping out of a green paint splattered room

modern warfare introduced the concept of community college paintball to the show, which not only made it one of the most entertaining Community episodes of all time, but this allowed for more chaotic episodes and action sequences to follow in later seasons.

The episode is inspired by popular action movies die hard, Rambo, and many more, in order to create an engaging experience for the audience, making them briefly forget that this is all happening in a community college. The episode addresses Britta and Jeff’s tension and Senor Chang’s enrollment as a student so he can join the game, two concepts which are addressed later in the series.

1 Corrective Chaos Theory is a prime example of writers flexing their creative muscles (9.8)

Community Healing Chaos Theory episode.

Corrective Chaos Theory will always be known as Communitythe most creative episode with its concept of multiple timelines. In each timeline, a different person fetches the pizza, who sees different combinations of characters, interactions, locations, and ultimately consequences.

The concept explores the dynamics and influence of each character within the party, with Troy’s absence resulting in “The Darkest Timeline” and Jeff avoiding the process entirely by suggesting a six-sided dice roll with a party of seven. It’s a great example of writing genius and character development, even if that growth doesn’t show up in every timeline.

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