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ESPN interrupted its coverage of college football last Saturday to feature New York Yankees star batsman Aaron Judge, who at the time was chasing Roger Maris’ franchise record for most home runs in a single season. .

Well, Judge has since tied the record, meaning he’s made history, but isn’t quite done yet. ESPN aren’t quite done cutting their college football games to show the judge every time he shows up at the plate, as the New York Post’s Andrew Marchand revealed on network plans.

And college football fans aren’t quite done getting absolutely furious with ESPN over the decision. Here are some of their hilarious reactions.

Fans were treated to exciting college football on Saturday last week, though many expressed frustration at ESPN’s insistence on showing Aaron Judge’s pursuit of Yankees history. Well, it’s going to happen again, an event that was brilliantly captured with this Twitter user’s reference to SpongeBob.

This Twitter user hopes Judge wins the historic home run, but certainly not because he’s a Yankees fan. And this user is looking forward to tweets from college football fans when ESPN hits baseball games this weekend.

But the best reactions came courtesy of College Football Reddit on Twitter.

A fan only wants to hear about the Yankees if they are eliminated. Another illustrated the comedic commentary that would occur during a Michigan State wild play immediately preceding a Judge Aaron at bat.

One thing is certain. All of these fans are tired of seeing Judge on their TVs.