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Arturo Holmes/Getty Images for Whipshots

Singer/rapper/public figure Cardi B has several lines on his resume. VH1reality star. Triple platinum recording artist. Grammy winner. And now she can add “champion of forensics” to that list, as she debated with fans on Twitter about whether or not she was an influencer. The ongoing Twitter feud between Ms Cardi and the world has since blossomed into the singer’s apology to her fans for the delays in following up on her Grammy-winning debut in 2019. Breach of privacy.

There’s a lot to unpack here, and it ranges from feuding with her fans to explaining that when she fights with her fans, it’s exactly like having sex with her boyfriend. The binge started when Cardi posted a since deleted tweet with an audio message to her 22.5 million followers, rhetorically asking why it bothers people so much that she refers to herself as an influencer.

Twitter is an app that lets its users give fake names to troll celebrities and hurt their feelings, and posting a message like that is like throwing a buddy to the sharks. This created an immediate frenzy among the anonymous.

User @XH4TS posted a delicious Spongebob Squarepants GIF, along with the claim that “nobody’s been influenced by you,” adding that everything Cardi wore in a music video has already been worn.

In a tweet now deletedshe argued, “Well like I said here GO CHECK how many people are using the directors and photographers before and after I used them…Go check how many people are trying to redo the nude dance scene from the press Check how many people wore a certain mark b4 and after i put it on my body.

She replied that many other artists tried to imitate her nude dance scene in the music video for her single Hurry.

One follower immediately pointed out that other artists have danced naked in music videos over the years. cardi responded with a challenge to cite an example – nobody tells him that Madonna exists! – simply asking “Show me?”

When another user reminded Cardi that she tends to block fans who talk about making fun of her on Twitter and then always adopting a combative demeanor with them. Cardi had the perfect analogy. Even when she blocks her “man” on the app, she will still engage in an act of mutual love with him later that day. In the same way, she will even dialogue with fans she no longer wanted to hear from.

She reasoned, “Have you ever blocked your man and then gone to fuck him the same day? Well it’s the same shit I block them and unsubscribe and still talk to MY FANS. She then continued with, “Who went to tell me WHAT?”

The debate culminates with someone asking the question fans really want answered, which is when Cardi B. is going to post her follow-up to Privacy breach. It’s been three years, and this fan is thirsty for more Cardi. She was quick to reassure the fan, “They’re going to be fed,” though sadly that tweet of encouragement was also disappeared down the memory hole.

This must have touched Cardi, as she rushed an audio response in which she clarified all questions about why it took so long. She explains in the recording: “I really had technical difficulties with my last project. I had not one, not two, but three technical difficulties with the music I was working on, which had to be done and resolved before releasing it.

But don’t worry, the issues that caused a multi-platinum, Grammy-winning project to be delayed by three years aren’t that big a deal. As she says, “It’s nothing major or crazy. You’ll get it because I know, I know, I know. I know you want better and I’m going to give it to you.

This, thankfully, she left (at press time).

She ended her workday with the Cardi B. equivalent of an exclamation point, triumphantly on the timeline.