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If you can bear watching vulgar non-stop for three hours, then you might like Blond on Netflix. I watched the Amazon Prime series The boys, and I didn’t feel as uncomfortable as watching this movie.

The film begins at the very beginning of Marilyn’s life. Quite quickly, we realize that her mother is mentally unstable, violent towards her daughter, and that her father left even before the birth of Norma Jean – Marilyn’s real name.

Soon after, her mother is taken to a psychiatric hospital and Norma Jean is in and out of foster homes throughout her life. It then cuts to the start of her “big break”, which is an explicit scene of her exploited by the producer at the time of 20th Century Fox.

I have to say, it was hard to see her constantly getting knocked down. They mostly focused on behind the scenes of her life and little on her personality and grace. It would be like watching a movie of your own life but completely removing the good, maybe with a moment here and there but never delving into any of the good times. Only fights. Constantly wallowing.

The only time her triumphs are really shown throughout the film is at the very beginning and very end of her premieres, but they happen so quickly. The further the movie progresses, the sooner the premieres come to an end – almost to push them aside and quickly signify the period. The only other “good thing” the director did was show throughout the film her recreated outfits and camera shots at the start of several scenes. It was really exciting to see someone play the role of Marilyn, but it gets very dark very quickly. There is virtually no room to breathe after each violent scene. It just left a bad taste in my mouth and a churning in my stomach.

Marilyn goes through a series of sex scandals, abusive marriages and miscarriages. All the while, people don’t really take her seriously because she takes a lot of medication to get through the next thing she needs to do.

In the three hours I spent, the most notable thing I remember is that every time she is pregnant, there is a repeated CGI shot of a baby sitting in her womb. And soon after, she has an abortion after each one. In her real life story, it is unconfirmed whether or not she has these abortions, but she does have miscarriages and an ectopic pregnancy. But it was almost clunky and out of place the more the image kept playing over and over.

Controversially, in addition to all the other extremely explicit scenes of physical, verbal and drug abuse, it turns into a partial anti-abortion film and has many weird parts in the form of both editing and filming. running an anti-abortion movie message in the middle of a very vulgar movie, not to mention a movie about Marilyn Monroe.

Also, it was kind of funny to know now that there’s someone in the world who looks enough like John F. Kennedy to play him very briefly in a movie, but maybe that’s just me.

Overall, the film became extremely selfish and belittled Marilyn, and the way the director portrayed her constantly victimized her. Although she has been through a lot, there are two sides to every story. It almost looks like the director hasn’t read any historical fiction books Blond by Joyce Carol Oates – the story on which the film is based.

This movie showed only her low points and barely celebrated the moments that made her truly iconic. It almost made me feel ashamed for her.

Personally, I’d feel perfectly fine if I could block this movie and watch “SpongeBob” for three hours instead. At least I wouldn’t feel bad at 11 p.m. on a Monday night.

1/5 torches

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