The Most Popular Myths About Business Loans

Often, both start-ups and established businesses think about loans for business and follow the stereotypes and myths that have become obsolete in this area. In this article, we highlight five of the most popular myths and provide explanations to help dispel them. Before starting a new business you need to have a considerable amount of seed capital. Quite often, thousands […]

We tell you how to invest in the stock market

Did you know that, The Stock Exchange is a store? Surely you knew it, but were you fully aware of it? It is common to read or listen on a daily basis how to invest in the Stock Exchange, not only the Mexican, but those of other countries. The terminology used, let’s be honest, is not colloquial and if this […]

Tax Advantage in Loan Life Insurance for Paid Employees

You may have received credit life insurance from a bank or insurance company to secure your loan, and you may have an affordable price advantage in life insurance and lower the cost package. But that’s not all you can do. You can make the most of all your rights by taking advantage of the tax advantage applicable in life insurance. […]

Loans For Businesses

According to what was reported only a few days ago in a recent article published, following the last report prepared by the Bank of Italy on financial stability, loans to companies show a double speed between 2017 and 2018. It was assisted by a side to a substantial increase in the sums paid to companies that offer numerous guarantees of […]

The real estate, a solution to over-indebtedness?

“The situation of over-indebtedness is characterized by the obvious impossibility of facing all of its non-professional, payable and future debts. ” (Articles L. 711-1 and L. 712-2 of the Consumer Code) A situation with heavy consequences, which, fortunately, can find a favorable outcome, thanks to the real estate repurchase, on the condition of being well accompanied in this approach. Explanations. […]

A credit broker knows which bank to choose!

Beyond the intrinsic qualities of our brokers (appreciate the overall financial situation of the borrower, set up a financing plan, optimize the file to submit), he knows very quickly which bank to go to favor the acceptance of credit. As a partner, a credit broker knows the operation and expectations of each institution in its network … The bank is […]

Sport loans for children’s sports activities

Physical movement and sports activities for children ? Don’t worry, here is the Uni Lender Sport loan, a credit product designed for your children who love and want to move, have fun and play. You can enroll them in a sporting activity because gymnastics is a precious investment for human health and for everyone’s physical and psychological well-being. Sport loans: […]

All loans: when the financing is requested

The loans of Italian Bank have for some years been an alternative to what is offered by banks and financial institutions for those looking for liquidity to carry out a personal project. They can be requested directly at the most convenient post office after reaching by telephone. A brief guide to the solutions currently available. Get a loan when the […]