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An artist has created a skatepark that looks like a frying pan with bacon and eggs, and it has now been opened to the public as daredevils fly off the delicious concrete

Artist John Hillding has created a skatepark that looks like a giant frying pan

These images show a unique skatepark designed to resemble a frying pan with bacon and eggs.

The public skatepark, which is part of the art installation, was designed by artist John Hillding, who said the local reaction was “just outrageously positive”.

The 3,600 square foot frying pan has curved sides with a cutaway entry, two humpback eggs in the center, and a piece of bacon that acts as a ramp to the handle of the pan.

Located in Wilkeson, Pierce County, Wash., The skatepark has become a favorite with locals, although it is not yet complete.

Work on the park began in December 2020 with Grindline, a skatepark construction company, and Hillding’s son Emil.

Feedback to the park has been “just outrageously positive”

Early designs included a giant spatula, but it was simplified to keep costs down.

Speaking to local newspaper The Courier Herald, John said: “I think with these oversized or big ideas it’s really a challenge because you don’t know until you’re done if it’s going to work. , or whatever that’ll make it look like. ”

John grew up in Seattle and received his BFA in 1966 from the Kansas City Art Institute, before obtaining an MFA in 1968 from the Maryland Institute College of Arts.

The artist told local newspaper The News Tribune that the project was his “dream come true.”

He then returned to Seattle and began creating works of art that involved larger versions of everyday objects, including a giant 40-foot inflatable pencil.

Photos of the skatepark were shared on Reddit, and users were quick to point out ways to improve it.

One of them said: “A flat bank of potato pancake would have been a sizzlin obstacle.”

And another said: “A rail of sausages would have been a firecracker.”