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The Last of Us 2 fan creates a mind-boggling concept for a new location with an all-new faction locking up in a Japanese restaurant.

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One of the best things a work of art can do is inspire others to create something with a different perspective in the world or just with an artistic feel similar to the original. In the case of a recent conceptual artwork, an artist looked at The last of us in order to draw inspiration from a dark collection of survivors who bear a striking similarity to the iconic characters of Naughty Dog.

This new piece comes from concept artist Morten Krebs, who regularly makes this type of elaborate artwork from various inspirations outside of their professional work. In the case of this The Last of Us 2 Inspired piece, it’s not exactly a remake of a straight shot of either game in the series, but rather a reimagining of a separate corner of the world.

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The artwork itself is a stunning display of a group of survivors settling in the ruins of an old Japanese restaurant that was abandoned during the cordyceps outbreak. Several people can be seen filling the space, either chatting at a table in the center of the room, or on guard on the upper floors, and coming from an unknown mission beyond their defended position. This is the kind of setting players can expect to see in The Last of Us 3, or yet Naughty Dog decides to continue exploring this post-apocalyptic universe.

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Since the play was first released by Krebs, fans of The last of us quickly gathered around the room to show different levels of appreciation for concept art. The most common types of comments that can be found around the original post on reddit are requests for a location like the one described to appear somewhere in a future game. aesthetics of the room blend in with what players are used to in The last of us, it probably wouldn’t seem too out of place and could be a good centerpiece for an encounter against an enemy faction.

This type of parameter could possibly show a good location in The Last of Us 2is the next multiplayer, though fans shouldn’t hold their breaths to see the exact restaurant recreated in the game. Yet when it comes to gaming-inspired fanart, this is a strongly artistic example of a personal interpretation that adds even more layers to the established world. It pays a mind-boggling tribute to a series of games that many fans still consider to be one of the PS4’s greatest achievements.

The Last of Us 2 is now available for PS4 and PS5.

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