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Of the dozens of wonderful things added to Animal Crossing: New Horizons in its latest update, the most personally exciting has to be the return of the gyroids. These noisy gadgets quickly proliferated in player homes and islands after last week’s patch, but a parched robot seems to have stolen everyone’s hearts.

Meet the Crumploid. Unlike the hilarious bong-like Whistloid or the Manic wallopoid, krumping, this poor little guy is relatively discreet. It’s pretty quiet on the sound effects front and doesn’t make any wild moves. Its key attribute is that it is, well, ugly. As PetrarchEleven pointed out on Twitter, the Crumploid essentially looks like SpongeBob when he first visits Sandy’s waterless dome.

Immediate reactions to Animal Crossing: New HorizonsThe crumploids were naturally varied. Some Express to worry on robot welfare, while others were upset to see it at the end of their shovels at all. One player even described his Crumploid as “the only true skrunkly”, An absurd sentence which Urban dictionary tells me they like it.

And yet, despite the wide variety of adorable Gyroids in the game, more than one person has described themselves as “obsessed”With the little robot. Some have even gone so far as to say they or they would have to die for him. As rumor spread about the Crumploid’s frizzy glow, people started to have excited when they dug one. The general air of worry and grief has since given way to a more positive reception for the dry little guy.

“If someone gets the Crumploid in Animal Crossing: New Horizons and don’t want him, I’ll take him and love him ”, wrote a Twitter user after the initial backlash. “He will have a good house. DM to set up a depot or mail or something. I love the Crumploid.


Animal crossing is a franchise defined by its cute aesthetic and good vibes, so it’s nice to see the New Horizons community coming on the Crumploid. Sure, he looks a little weird compared to other Gyroids, but that’s also what makes him unique. If you found one, give it a big hug for me.