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Amid all the jitters and tension of Hollywood week, Katy Perry ended up providing some much-needed comic relief on the recently aired episode of “American Idol.” The judge decided to let loose and have fun by organizing a sing-along to her songs.

Katy ended up getting a little too carried away while performing her hit number “Teenage Dream” and ended up ripping her pants off. The judge’s orange pants eventually came undone. Even though Katy realized she had a wardrobe malfunction on stage, the singer kept performing and ended it with a candid plea for help. Fellow judge Luke Bryan and the production team came to his rescue with bright yellow duct tape.


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You can watch the clip of Katy’s pants tearing moment here:

Luke and the team immediately got to work and taped the duct tape to Katy’s pants to cover the tear, leaving a giant “X” on Katy’s back. Fans were amused watching Katy’s hilarious wardrobe malfunction and quick fix. Several fans took to Twitter to joke about it. One fan tweeted, “Katy Perry does very Katy Perry #AmericanIdol things.” “Omg haha ​​so funny Katy Perry ripped her pants off #AmericanIdol,” one fan wrote. “Can you believe Katy and Spongebob have something in common… ripping pants,” one fan joked.

Katy Perry in “American Idol” (ABC)

Katy also took the whole incident in her stride and posted a cheeky tweet about her pants-ripping situation. She shared, “I’m going to make your heart beat in my skinny jeans on #americanidol tonight, listen now for a HEARNING good time.” Some fans weren’t amused by the judge’s shenanigans at all, however, and began to wonder how she managed to rip her pants off each season. One fan commented, “How does @katyperry manage to flash the cameras or rip her pants off every season of American Idol.” Another fan said, “It’s not an American idol if your pants don’t rip at least once.”

What did you think of the Katy ripped pants situation? Let us know.

Season 20 of “American Idol” airs Sundays and Mondays at 8/7 a.m. on ABC.

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