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From wardrobe malfunctions to chair falls, “American Idol” judge Katy Perry makes sure the show’s audience stays entertained even during the most tense moments of the ABC Singing Contest. As the competition between the contestants reached a fierce phase during the Top 10 round, Katy managed to provide some much-needed comic relief by dressing up as Ariel to honor Disney week on the ABC show.

Dressed in a skintight costume with long hem fins and a red wig, Katy looked like a spitting image of Ariel from “The Little Mermaid.” Unfortunately, just like Ariel, Katy also struggled to walk thanks to her huge flippers. So she had to be propelled onto the stage by her fellow judges – Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan. After finally reaching her judge’s seat and sliding into it, Katy barely made herself comfortable before sitting down in her chair.


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Katy Perry in her ‘Little Mermaid’ costume on ‘American Idol’ Season 20 (ABC)

As Luke, Lionel and show host Ryan Seacrest rushed to help Katy up and make sure she was okay, fans, on the other hand, were amused by the judge’s fall at national television. Once Katy assured everyone she was fine and uninjured, fans took to Twitter to joke about her hilarious fall. One fan tweeted, “What’s up Katy! Lmao #americanidol.” “Oh no! @katyperry just fell on live tv! She might need two chairs to prop up her #AmericanIdol flippers,” one fan wrote. Another fan commented, “I’m glad Katy is okay but please tell me someone dropped her on the #AmericanIdol video.” “@katyperry baby I’m starting to think the tail wasn’t the *best* idea.. but I still live for it #AmericanIdol,” one fan added.

‘American Idol’ judges Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan help Katy Perry after she falls from her chair (ABC)

Another fan shared, “I’m at Katy’s backing away just now. Can’t wait to see the @AmericanIdol #americanidol meme.” “Let @katyperry rock @AmericanIdol live tv #americanidol,” one fan joked. “Katy Perry is giving Under the Sea #AmericanIdol,” one fan said. “Ariel it’s over, oh fuck Katy hope you’re doing well girl #AmericanIdol,” wrote one worried fan. “Katy Perry just fell on national TV on #americanidol and did great!” pointed out a fan.

Season 20 of “American Idol” airs Sundays and Mondays at 8/7 a.m. on ABC.

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