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FX President reveals how the two parts of American Horror Story: Double Feature will be divided: Red Tide receiving 6 episodes and Death Valley 4.

Ahead of its August 25 release, FX executives confirmed how american horror story The episodes of season 10 will be divided between its two parts. Created by Ryan Murphy, each season of AHS focuses on a different narrative and location, using a recurring cast that includes Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson, and Billie Lourd. While each season is standalone, there has been some crossover between them – especially in Season 8. (Apocalypse) which brought together the plot threads and characters from season 1 (Murder House), season 3 (Coven), and season 5 (Hotel).

Subtitle Double functionality, The tenth season of the long-running horror anthology series is set to feature two distinct stories in the vein of classic sci-fi and horror double films. Part I: Red tide, which will be fixed by the sea, and Part 2: Death Valley, which will be fixed by the sand. This is the first time the series has divided its narrative in this way, although season 6, Roanoke, had two parts in the form of its framing devices: “My Roanoke Nightmare” and “Return to Roanoke: Three Days in Hell”.

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While many expected a solid 50-50 split for Double functionality, with each part consisting of five episodes, this is apparently not the case. Talk to Deadline As part of FX’s summer virtual press tour, Chairman John Landgraf revealed that Crimson Tide will be the longest part, consisting of six episodes. However, Death Valley will only last four, aired after Crimson Tide finishes its race.

American Horror Story Season 10 Red Tide

During the same call, FX Entertainment chairman Eric Schrier stepped up the season by saying “We’re excited for (both features) to come.” Lindgraf echoed this by saying that “[the parts] are both excellent. I saw the cuts for the first one. I only read the scripts for the second one but I think they are both very good. They also added that there is currently no word on what Season 11 will entail.

It’s surprising that Dual functionality would be split that way, but it’s entirely possible that Murphy and his team simply have more that they want to explore with Crimson Tide. The first trailer for Dual functionality came out yesterday and showed what fans can expect from the first part of the season. This featured all the usual staples one would expect from AHS: a family moving to a small seaside town, eclectic locals and strange creatures that run rampant at night. There was no such trailer for Death Valley and very little is known about what that will entail other than the fact that it will focus on aliens. However, many have speculated that it could be linked to the aliens who have appeared throughout. Asylum in season 2 of AHS.

It will certainly be interesting to see what American Horror Story has in store for its second half, but given that it will be the focus of the final four episodes, fans can probably expect a trailer to come later during the race as the season nears its end. final on October 27. Numerous posters, alongside the trailer have teased a clash between the two horrors, and it’s not certain that this is something that will come to fruition in the series. Fans will have to wait to find out and settle for all the horrors Crimson Tide will cast their way when it arrives on August 25.

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