A credit broker knows which bank to choose!

Beyond the intrinsic qualities of our brokers (appreciate the overall financial situation of the borrower, set up a financing plan, optimize the file to submit), he knows very quickly which bank to go to favor the acceptance of credit.

As a partner, a credit broker knows the operation and expectations of each institution in its network …

The bank is partner of our experts!

The bank is partner of our experts!

The partnership between a bank and a broker is a win-win for both parties:

  • The institution sees our credit expert as a doubly attractive business provider. On the one hand, the broker is a qualified person , who delivers – with professionalism and precision – its overall and financial assessment of the situation. On the other hand, the institution perceives the file of the borrower in its best light: it is therefore a qualified loan application , since referred by a technical advisor who speaks the same language as the lenders. A gain of time more than appreciable for these.
  • The broker has chosen to be paid only by the bank , with which the loan offer is signed (unlike his paying counterparts, who also claim participation to their client): concretely, our expert is paid on the based on a percentage of the amount of the loan (commission). As this method of remuneration is applied to all the actors of his network, his interest is to validate the most interesting credit proposals for his clients.

And for his contacts to be interested, while remaining qualified for the lending institution, the latter provides our brokers – in an established schedule – their latest trade policies and a negotiated rate schedule , which they can apply to build the project of the borrower. All these valuable elements that contribute greatly to the added value of our brokers!

The weight of the network behind every broker !

The weight of the network behind every broker !

Better, thanks to the weight of the national network behind each broker , our experts weigh more heavily on the negotiation and significantly improve the conditions for obtaining the loan.

Credit intermediaries with whom the bank


If the defined rate grid is a base transmitted to all credit intermediaries with whom the bank works, we can benefit from an additional margin – given the weight we represent – in terms of the volume of the file provided . If the network of each of our brokers is well local (built around its area of ​​intervention), a bank organized in federation can consider the contribution to its scale and add, to the weight of a broker, that of others who would then integrate his zone …

IMPORTANT : a franchisee in our network has administrative support and a collective watch of the sector – which allows him to free up a considerable amount of time that he can devote to new customers …

At this leverage, specific to our network, we also have the other conventional “arms” of negotiation , such as the profile of a borrower or the amount of his contribution to influence the conditions of loan …

The first appointment with a broker is without commitment : ask quickly a connection with the franchisee in your area, to benefit from his eye and learn with him, if your project is financially viable!