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Back in the days when TV shows had more than 2o episodes per season, writers had to get creative in their scripts to make sure they didn’t run out of ideas. This led to the rise of specials, bottle episodes, holiday episodes, and the slightly less popular music video episode. As the name suggests, the clip show episodes use clips from previous episodes of the show that are edited together, often with characters recalling memories or telling a story from the past.

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In recent years, music video episodes have disappeared, both due to their lack of popularity with fans and also because the TV seasons are much shorter. Still, there are a handful of shows that nailed the show’s episode to music videos and got audiences thinking alongside their beloved characters.

9 Scrubs – “My Night To Remember” (Season 6, Episode 11) – 5.5

Cast of Scrubs in the episode of the clip A Night to Remember

Scrubs is iconic for a number of reasons, including being one of the only sitcoms to take place in a hospital and still be funny. The series also had a historic run, spanning nine seasons and 17 Emmy nominations during that time period.

During season 6, Scrubs ventured into music video show territory with the episode “My Night to Remember”. The episode centers on the staff recalling their stay at the Sacré-Coeur while trying to help a patient regain their own memory. While it wasn’t one of the top rated episodes in the series, it was still nice for fans to look back on past moments.

8 Malcolm In The Middle – “Clip Show # 2” (Season 4, Episode 17) – 6.6

Hal and Lois do paperwork in Malcom In The Middle

While single camera comedies are now the norm, Malcolm in the middle is widely credited with starting the trend in 2000. The show has won seven Emmy Awards in its seven years of existence.

Although there were two episodes of music videos in Malcolm in the middle, the best was the second, which aired during Season 4. In the episode, Lois and Hal recall the rearing of their four children as they prepare for the birth of their fifth child. The flashbacks are framed around Lois and Hal updating their willpower, and while this isn’t the best episode in either, either. Malcolm in the middle, it was memorable.


seven The Office – “The Banker” (season 6, episode 14) – 6.8

Michael Scott greeting the banker by segway in The Office

Office may have pioneered the format and was the funniest mock-documentary style TV show, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t use old TV trends like the show’s episode of clips. During season 6, Office borrowed the trend, framing the episode around a potential buyer who is sent to interview the HR department.

Instead of letting Toby conduct the interview and direct the segments of the clip, Michael Scott asks Dwight to pretend to be the HR rep who runs the Banker in an interesting interview that includes some of the The offices funniest clips.

6 The Golden Girls – “Golden Moments” (Season 3, Episode 18 & 19) – 6.9

The Golden Girls cast reminiscing around the dining table

During Golden girls over seven years, the show featured 11 episodes of music videos, sometimes several over the course of a season. Despite having 11, there was only one music video episode that fans really liked and that was the Season 3 episode, “Golden Moments”.

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The two-part episode centers on the women who remember their time together after Sophia decides she is moving to live with her son, Phil. The episode featured clips from 19 episodes, including those from “The Pilot” and the Christmas episode.

5 The Simpsons – “So It Came: A Simpson Clip Show” (Season 4, Episode 18) – 7.0

Lisa playing the saxophone at the bedside of Homer's hospital in The Simpsons

With 33 seasons under his belt, it’s no surprise that The simpsons aired six episodes of music videos. In fact, it’s shocking that the number isn’t higher, as this is one of the oldest TV shows to date. Despite the 33 seasons, the most popular music video episode happened early, in Season 4.

After Homer falls into a coma from an April Fool’s Day prank gone awry, the family gather around him and remember the happy memories they have of their silly adorable father. The episode featured clips from the show’s first three seasons.

4 Friends – “The One with the Invitation” (Season 4, Episode 21) – 7.1

Monica and Rachel in Central Perk in Friends

With 10 seasons and 62 Emmy nominations, Friends has become one of the best sitcoms of all time. The series also goes down in history for having several episodes of extremely popular music videos, like the Season 4 episode, “The One With The Invitation”.

As invitations are sent for Ross’s wedding to Emily, the gang find themselves caught between Rachel and Ross. The clip section of the episode centers on Ross and Rachel both remembering their relationship will – they won’t.

3 Seinfeld – “The Chronicle” (Season 9, Episode 21) – 7.3

Kremer, George and Jerry in Jerry's apartment in Seinfeld

Seinfeld waited until its final season to lean on the music video show’s episode, despite many opportunities to use it earlier. However, the wait allowed them to recall their historic nine-season series a week before the final episode aired to millions of viewers.

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The two-part episode begins with the gang getting ready to go to the movies, but Jerry has other plans, breaking the Fourth Wall to speak to the public and feature clips from the past nine seasons.

2 Friends – “The One With Joey’s Interview” (Season 8, Episode 19) – 7.4

Joey gets interviewed at Central Perk in Friends

Friends revisited the format of the music video show in Season 8 with the episode “The One With Joey’s Interview”. The episode revolved around Joey sitting down with a soap opera reporter to discuss the ups and downs of his acting career.

The gang meets at Central Perk to listen to the interview at Joey’s request so they can step in if things go wrong. The episode features over 20 clips from Season 1 to Season 6, most of which focus on Joey’s acting and how his friends helped him along the way.

1 Friends – “The One Where Chandler Gets Caught” (Season 10, Episode 10) – 8.0

The cast of Friends reminiscing around the table in Monica's apartment in Friends

While Friends’ The tenth and final historic season, the writers had no choice but to give fans one epic final episode of the clip. The episode begins normally, with Rachel and Phoebe thinking that Chandler is cheating on Monica. However, they soon realize that Chandler was talking to a real estate agent because Chandler and Monica are planning to move out.

The news sends the friends on a bittersweet trip down memory lane as they share memories of their time spent together at Monica’s apartment. Although this is the last episode of the music video show, it only contains nine clips from seasons 1 through 6.

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