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When a sitcom airs for as long as Friends, there’s a fine line between keeping fans happy and trying something new. While some storylines worked well with fans, as many people enjoyed seeing Monica and Chandler dating, others encountered resistance. And while opinions on these character and story arcs are subjective, many people who love Friends tend to agree on most aspects of the 10-season show.

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Friends fans have strong opinions about what they liked and hated seeing about the popular sitcom, and they’re currently sharing their thoughts on Reddit these days. While there were some storylines that viewers believed could use up more screen time, other things could have been left out.

ten Cut: Joey Learns French

Joey works at Chandler's office in Friends

Although Joey was a comic icon on Friends, Reddit user Lassie93 didn’t like watching “Joey Speak French” and posted that it was the “worst joke ever”.

While Joey isn’t always a great friend, most viewers would agree that he’s generally a hilarious character as he fumbles around in his everyday life. For some fans though, the scenes where he speaks French just aren’t interesting or funny, and some think it’s an unnecessary part of the sitcom.

9 Expanded: Joey and Chandler’s Pets

Reddit user Ilikepieguy123 liked “the little Chick and Duck fiasco that Chandler and Joey had” and continued, “The episodes with them seemed a lot lighter than others and although they are animals that don’t have lines I find them to be my favorite characters / actors (?) “

Watching Joey and Chandler with their chick and their duck is a lot of fun, and it shows that they can bond around something that has nothing to do with the group of friends they’re a part of. It’s good that they share a love for these gentle animals and it allows fans to see a softer, more vulnerable side of these characters.

8 Cut: Joey and Rachel’s Relationship

Friends Joey and Rachel kiss after their date

Getting Joey and Rachel together was one of the most infamous decisions of Friends story. Concrete example, Reddit user aps131997 said that “Joey and Rachel” has one of the worst-case scenarios on the popular sitcom.

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Numerous Friends fans think Rachel and Joey’s relationship is a bad idea, so it makes sense that this isn’t a lot of people‘s favorite story. There’s something awkward about seeing these two characters dating, and it never seems like the right fit for both of them. It’s a lot more fun watching Ross and Rachel dance around each other, and Joey seems destined to be single, at least until he gets a little more mature.

7 Expanded: See Monica and Chandler Fall in Love

For Reddit user GreyStagg, Monica and Chandler’s relationship was a great idea. They wrote: “It breathed new life into the show and gave it a new purpose. It happened exactly at the right time too. Watching it for the first time was exciting to see this development.”

For the majority Friends fans, it’s super exciting to see Monica and Chandler’s feelings for each other emerge. It seems likely that if this relationship had started earlier, a lot of people would have appreciated it, as it would have meant even more heartwarming scenes for the couple.

6 Cut: Chandler’s move to Tulsa

Friends Chandler thinks Monica needs a little maintenance

For Reddit user MaterialAd3277, it’s not much fun watching Chandler and Monica live apart from each other. The fan wrote that they thought Season 9 was weak “because the Joey / Rachel thing was so awkward, Chandler was in Tulsa and overall the season was spotty in terms of the quality of the episodes.”

In general, the last few seasons of a TV show aren’t the best, and many viewers wonder why Chandler has to live so far away from Monica for a while. It would definitely be better to see this couple living together all the time, their dynamics are so hilarious.

5 Expanded: Monica and Richard could date longer

Lunettos, Reddit user posted: “Loved Monica with Richard, everything was very realistic. I think she should have chosen him over Chandler.”

Even though many fans enjoy watching Monica and Chandler because they have great chemistry and make each other laugh, Monica and Richard seem to work well together. Their main problem is not getting along to have children, which forces them to go their separate ways. But if they hadn’t had an age gap, then maybe they would have ended up together.

4 Cut: Ross and Emily’s Wedding


Emily is one of the less popular characters to appear on Friends. Reddit user mandie72 wrote: “I didn’t like the whole Emily story” and asked, “What did she expect when she married someone after 6 weeks?”

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Those who dispatch Ross and Rachel and believe in Friends couple has many romantic scenes certainly struggling with the character of Emily. It’s hard to see Ross engaging with anyone else, especially since Ross says “Rachel” during his wedding ceremony, proving to everyone that he’s probably marrying the wrong person.

3 Expanded: Eddie, Chandler’s roommate

Adam goldberg

For Reddit user 15millionreddits, Eddie is a big part of the series: “The preferred script are the episodes involving Eddie. It cracks me up every time, and the acting is really well done.”

If most people were to name Chandler’s best roommate, they would have to say Joey. But many also love Eddie, as the two characters experience a lot of conflict. Anyone who has lived with someone they don’t always get along with can relate to these stories.

2 Cut: See Rachel and her sister Jill together

Friends Jill comes to live with Rachel

Reddit user lovevibes doesn’t like it when Jill comes to visit Rachel because “that’s where Rachel’s heinous anger reached an all-time high.”

The season 6 episode “The One With Rachel’s Sister” is fun as Reese Witherspoon plays Jill. But it’s also a tough sell for Ross and Rachel fans as Jill and Ross step out. It makes sense that a fan doesn’t like the way Rachel behaves here.

1 Expanded: Phoebe and Rachel Living Together

After Rachel was forced out of Monica’s apartment (when she and Chandler moved in together), she settled in with Phoebe instead and many fans embraced this plot. Reddit user Skeeter_ABQ can attest, as they like “when Phoebe and Rachel are roommates”.

Since Phoebe is such a popular character on Friends and fans love Phoebe’s quotes, it seems many viewers would be happy if these two characters lived together longer. While Phoebe is more eccentric than Rachel, they are each so funny in their own way that they have a great dynamic when they are together.

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