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Young Sheldon was an excellent follow-up to The Big Bang Theory who has kept fan-favorite character Sheldon Cooper in the limelight of prime-time television – even though he’s decades younger. Just like in The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon can be adorable at times and frustrating at others. But basically he’s a good boy who is bright, talented and loves his family.

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While the series itself has had both good and bad episodes, the character of Sheldon himself, in particular, has been featured in some episodes that would be considered excellent for the character, while others do not. much for its development.

ten Best: “A Swedish Scientific Thing and the Equation for a Toast” (S2, E22)

Sheldon seated at a counter chatting with Young Sheldon's Dr. Sturgis.

This episode is the one most related to The Big Bang Theory and gave viewers chills when they saw the ending footage. In the episode, fans must balance Sheldon’s excitement over who wins the Nobel Prize with the realization that Dr. Sturgis is struggling with his sanity and that Sheldon could lose a close friend.

As upsetting as it is, it’s a great episode for Sheldon as a character. While he felt lonely and no one cared about the announcement of the Nobel Prize, the scene was cut to footage of five other children his age in their own home at the time doing other things. . From an adorable young Leonard at his computer to Howard playing video games and a sleeping young Penny, it reminded fans that everything was going to be okay. But it was still one of the saddest moments of Young Sheldon.

9 Worse: “Practice Wheels and a Raging Chicken” (S4, E3)

Sheldon riding a bike with a helmet, Missy holding him from behind on Young Sheldon.

There was nothing terribly remarkable about this episode from Sheldon’s perspective other than the fact that he is trying to learn to ride a bike and ends up in the hospital with a broken arm. In a cast for much of the episode, it wasn’t Sheldon’s best moment.

The emphasis in this episode spends too much time on the co-dependent relationship between Sheldon and his beloved, often bossy mother, who nurtures him instead of helping him grow. The episode was not the one with the most heartwarming scenes of Young Sheldon.

8 Best: “An 8-Bit Princess and a Flat Tire Genius” (S2, E8)

Meemaw and Sheldon hugging on her couch on Young Sheldon.

There is no better relationship on the show than Sheldon and his Meemaw, who have a deep, loving connection that has never wavered, even decades later as adults, as fans have learned. on The Big Bang Theory episode in which she appeared. There are many examples of their special moments together, but one of the best was when Sheldon convinced Meemaw to play the video game. Adera’s quest with him.

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Meemaw became just as engrossed in the game as Sheldon, and they shared sweet moments together doing something Sheldon loved. It was a rare moment when Sheldon was able to find a common interest with a member of his family.

7 Worse: “A solar calculator, a game ball and the breast of a cheerleader” (S1, E5)

A cheerleader in school holding Sheldon's head to her chest on Young Sheldon.

This episode was not great for Sheldon because although he had a moment of closeness with his father, it was not authentic; George was just using Sheldon once he realized that his math skills could actually help the football team with their games.

Seeing Sheldon get a glimpse of his popularity was great, but because it wasn’t really about him being loved and accepted, but rather that he had something that could be tapped into, it wasn’t a good episode. for the character.

6 Best: “Graduation” (S4, E1)

Sheldon on the podium giving his farewell speech on Young Sheldon.

Sheldon’s character improved as Young Sheldon continued, and this is an episode where he has shown tremendous growth. Terrified of going to college and being alone, especially at such a young age, Sheldon finally let down his walls and accepted his sister’s advice. Not only accepted, but actually taken to heart.

In his farewell speech, Sheldon did something no fan would have thought he would do, which is thank Missy for helping him through the transition. The speech mimicked, in a way, Elder Sheldon’s acceptance speech for his Nobel Peace Prize, in which he graciously thanked his closest friends.

5 Worse: “A therapist, a comic book and a breakfast sausage” (S1, E4)

Sheldon seated with Tam, reading a book while Tam eats a red vine on Young Sheldon.

This is the episode that explained the origins of Sheldon’s love for the comics, but the rest of the episode was pretty weak. After choking on a sausage, Sheldon became terrified of eating solid foods. He obsessively focused on mashing all of his food so that the traumatic event would not happen again.

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While his parents took Sheldon to a therapist in the hopes that it would help him overcome his fear, he instead found a comic book in the waiting room. Inspired by the comic he is reading, he decides to try a red vine from his friend Tam and ends up overcoming his fear. The episode was funny and provided another connection with The Big Bang Theory, but the whole concept just seemed odd.

4 Best: “Pasadena” (S3, E16)

Young Sheldon comes out of the CalTech cafeteria and looks at the table.

Young Sheldon helped change the way viewers see The Big Bang Theory, including Sheldon’s relationship with his father. And what makes this episode, which sees Sheldon and George travel to Pasadena together, so sweet are two things in particular. The first is that it was one of the few times that Sheldon bonded with his father, with whom he had a tumultuous relationship. And, as fans know, Sheldon lost his father when he was a teenager.

What also makes this episode one of Sheldon’s best is that he visits CalTech, where The Big Bang Theory fans know he’ll end up working in the future. Sheldon did not know at the time that he would spend much of his adult life at the institution, and knowing that he shared wonderful memories there with his father also suggests that perhaps it is this. which prompted Sheldon to work on it, even though he didn’t know it. this.

3 Worse: “Quirky Egghead and Texas Snow Globes” (S3, E1)

Sheldon sitting on bed with tape around face, headphones, hands up to ears on Young Sheldon

It makes sense that after seeing what happened to Dr Sturgis, Mary worries that her son is on the same path. But the emphasis on making a child feel that something is wrong with him, or that he might be on a destructive path, wasn’t the best for Sheldon.

It was an episode full of Sheldon reading mental health books and, in another side storyline, a lot of attention on Georgie trying to buy and resell snow globes at a profit. It wasn’t one of Sheldon’s strongest episodes and was a bit too serious, as it distracted from the comedy that fans know and love.

2 Best: “A patch, a modem and a Zantac” (S1, E6)

Elon Musk looks at Sheldon's Book of Theories in a whirlwind scene by Young Sheldon.

This episode demonstrated that Sheldon fans had come to know in The Big Bang Theory – not only fiercely intelligent but determined to prove his point should never be questioned. One of Sheldon’s worst traits is that he could be cocky, after all. And in this case, it was a NASA representative he wanted to hire.

What makes the episode one of the best for Sheldon is that he not only won in the end, but a glimpse into the future showed Elon Musk using Sheldon’s notes and applying his scientific theories. This episode came full circle.

1 Worse: “A broken heart and a potion monster” (S2, E21)

Sheldon on the phone with Missy watching Young Sheldon.

Sheldon usually has good intentions, but his actions in calling out to the faithful and shaming them for not giving enough were shameful even to him.

With more emphasis on Pastor Jeff and his marital issues than on Sheldon and his intrigues, this is one of the worst episodes for Sheldon.

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