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If you’re worried about how much TV your child is watching, it’s probably time to let go of the guilt in front of the screen.

In fact, children’s television can offer more than just entertainment. Whether it’s helping kids relax, helping with creativity, or helping them better understand their emotions, a NOW Entertainment subscription is proof that a screen can be used as an educational tool as well. than a long break for you.

So, from computer cartoons to rainbow-colored trolls, we asked five kids and their parents to tell us about the shows they love and how it helps them. to develop.

The Shining World of Tom Gates


Following on from 10-year-old expert scribbler Tom and his friends and family, this show is based on Liz Pichon’s popular book series. Expect songs that will stick in your head, great games, and Liz herself who will teach you how to draw.

Talia’s opinion of The Brilliant World Of Tom Gates (8 years)

“I think Tom Gates is funny! He is also very creative and makes you draw and do things. When they do activities it goes smoothly and slowly and tells you exactly what you need. The instructions are very helpful.

Mom’s take on The Shining World of Tom Gates

The Shining World of Tom Gates is both fun and educational. My daughter loves the creative aspect and has learned great drawing techniques and has become super artistic. The show is divided into sections which is great because the format is divided and each episode is different and varied with jokes, vocals, art and crafts.

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Draw with will

will use all the skills we learned to draw ferno the fire dragon from the beast quest pro tip how to draw wings

Fast crisp films

A new Sky Original and another artistic show, Draw with will teaches viewers how to draw amazing characters like Spongebob Square Pants, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and The amazing world of GumBull. The presenter, Will Sliney, is a famous cartoonist, having worked for Star Wars: The Clone Wars, then who better to learn from?

Matthew’s opinion on Draw With Will (8 years)

“I love this series because I really enjoy drawing cartoon characters. Will is kind and explains things simply, which makes it easier for me to draw things that I thought were really difficult. It doesn’t last too long, so you don’t lose your focus and you can pause it to go at your own pace. At the end of the day, I’m always proud of how I got to draw one of my favorite cartoon characters and got a lesson from a real animation artist.

Mom’s opinion on Draw With Will

“I really like this show – it’s light and engaging while helping kids hone their skills. In fact, it’s a key part of this show and one that I loved: Will insists that anyone can draw; it is a skill and not a talent. This show helped my son gain confidence in drawing and is a short, lively and healthy show that the whole family can enjoy together.

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Trolls: TrollsTopia

trolltopia characters looking into the camera


Two blockbuster movies later, The Trolls are back with the TrollsTopia saga, which is based on the events of the World Tour movie. Each tribe faces their own obstacles as they try to get along despite their differences, but as with any great show, there is always a happy ending. Filled with catchy songs and dances to learn, the 11-minute episodes are super digestible and also teach kids about acceptance and friendship.

Alisha’s Opinion on Trolls: TrollsTopia (9 years)

“I like Trolls: TrollsTopia because a lot of times when you watch movies, you don’t know what happens to the characters afterwards. This show tells you what happened to everyone after Troll world tour. I like that all the characters stay friends and bring their different musical styles and personalities together. My favorite characters are Poppy, Branch and Barb – she brings out Poppy’s rock chick and Poppy brings out the pop side of Barb.

Mom’s Opinion on Trolls: TrollsTopia

“Fans of Trolls movies will love this spinoff series. It’s cute and colorful and features all of their favorite characters from the first two movies. It’s family-friendly without being tweeted and often the stories have a good empowering message.

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Teen Titans Go!

kids now watch tv shows


Robin, Cyborg, Starfire, Raven, and Beast Boy may be superheroes on a mission to save the day, but this show tracks what happens when they are not fight crime.

Amelia’s take on Teen Titans Go! (7 years)

Teen Titans Go! is my favorite show. I like it because I learn a lot from it like computer science. All my friends and cousins ​​watch it and when we meet we talk about it. I think it’s such a cool show because there are some really great songs in it! ”

Mom’s review of Teen Titans Go!

“We watched all the seasons of Teen Titans Go! around the house, so much so that we now use the term “disease burn” when one family member reports another. There are educational tips that help her learn and I love it.

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