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The Amazing World of Gumball was part of a select group of classic Cartoon Network shows that featured situations and humor that could appeal to both kids and parents. This group also includes successes such as Steven Universe and Adventure time. So it’s not all that shocking that the adventures of Gumball and his adopted brother Darwin spanned six gripping seasons, until the series finale and its polarizing cliffhanger.

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Even though the series is pretty solid overall, some episodes were clearly better than others. From relentless wit to poignant astonishment, many episodes of the series rank very well on IMDb.

Update September 30, 2021 by Tanner Fox: Having reached its conclusion about two years ago, The Amazing World of Gumball retains a legacy as one of the best series that aired on Cartoon Network in the 2010s. Fans who have grown up with excellent animated series for years ’90s and early 2000s like Dexter’s Laboratory and Courage the Cowardly Dog will love Gumball’s dry spirit and surprisingly authentic nature.

Unlike SpongeBob SquarePants or The Fairly OddParents, Gumball’s showrunners knew when to stop. That said, there are still a lot of hilarious and healthy episodes to be discovered.

15 The Matchmaker – 9.1

An image from the Amazing World of Gumball episode "The matchmaker."

In this Season 5 episode, Gumball finds Darwin yearning for a photo of one of his classmates and thinks he has fallen in love with Teri. After concocting a love potion with the help of Carrie and preparing Darwin and Teri, Gumball discovers that his brother was originally in love with Carrie from the start.

This episode is full of the subtle, haughty wit – at least for a children’s show – the show is known for, and the ending is as satisfying as it is hilarious.

14 The Origins Part 2 – 9.3

Excerpt from The Amazing World of Gumball The Origins Part 2.

After Gumball’s pet fish, Darwin, is accidentally flushed down the toilet, he sets out on a journey to reunite with his foster family. Overcoming long odds and developing a pair of legs in the process, Darwin harnesses the power of friendship to return to Elmore and find his new brother.

Darwin’s origins have always been a mystery, and while an explanation was never needed, it’s lovely to see the bonding of family that is at the heart of the series.

13 The game – 9.3

Excerpt from The Game from The Amazing World of Gumball.

Part of Gumball and Darwin’s home-made board game “Dodj or Daar” goes awry in Season 2‘s “The Game”, one of the show’s most bizarre episodes.

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The Jumanji-A situation similar to the one the family is in makes for a great comedy, and the writers aren’t afraid to think outside the box with the wild challenges that Gumball and Darwin put into the game. of the many episodes of the series which is clearly inspired by other media.

12 The shell – 9.3

In Season 3‘s “The Shell”, Penny undergoes a transformation after Gumball accidentally breaks his shell. Fearing to show herself off, she runs away, with Gumball – who is still trying to explain his feelings for her – in pursuit of her.

This episode was pivotal in Gumball and Penny’s relationship, and it actually has a pretty strong message for one. Bubble gum episode. As humorous and light as the show often is, The Amazing World of Gumball presents more than a few serious and emotional situations throughout its six seasons.

11 Expedition – 9.3

Excerpt from The Amazing World of Gumball, The Shippening.

After Sarah comes across a magic notebook, she uses it to write a romantic fanfiction about everyone in Elmore, inadvertently making her stories “canon” to the show. Chaos ensues, but Gumball and Darwin eventually figure out what’s going on.

A hilarious blow to amateur fan fiction writers, “The Shippening” pokes fun at fans who are a little too obsessed with the relationships between the characters. The episode is also one of The Amazing World of GumballIt’s the most meta, directly referencing the network the show airs on, as well as the relationships between fan-favorite non-canon characters.

ten The future – 9.4

Extract from the episode The Incredible World of Gubmall "The future."

Banana Joe’s mother is brought in by Rob, who hopes to get a glimpse of the future through his supernatural paintings. However, Banana Joe, Gumball, and Darwin team up to save her, ultimately erasing Rob from existence through one of Barbara’s paintings.

One of the most action-packed episodes of The Amazing World of Gumball, “The Future” has the makings of a climactic final episode. It premiered weeks before the show ended, and Barbara’s ominous warning that “there is no future” certainly came as a haunting conclusion.

9 The Origins Part 1 – 9.4

A photo from The Origins Part 1 episode of The Amazing World of Gumball.

The Wattersons can no longer stand the exuberant actions of their toddler, Gumball, so they buy him a pet fish in the hopes that it will distract him. The plan works, but Gumball continues to accidentally kill his pet fish, forcing Mr. Watterson to buy all of the fish from the pet store.

Eventually, Mr. Watterson buys a magic fish from a mysterious trader and Gumball befriends him. The episode explores the origins of Gumball’s brother, Darwin, and it’s one of the series’ many touching episodes.

8 The disaster – 9.4

In The Amazing World of GumballIn the season four finale, “The Disaster,” Gumball’s life is slowly ruined by his nemesis Rob, who has discovered a universal remote capable of controlling their world.

This episode was good on its own, but, since it left viewers with an exciting cliffhanger that wouldn’t be resolved until the season five premiere, it really isn’t complete without that second half.

7 Fury – 9.4

In “The Fury”, Nicole meets an old figure from her past, a former friend named Yuki who wants revenge for her loss to Nicole in a martial arts tournament when they were children. At first, Nicole refuses, but, faced with losing everything, she accepts revenge.

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This episode is mainly remembered as having one of the best scenes of the entire Cartoon Network series, an anime-style fight sequence between Nicole and Yuki produced by Studio 4 ° C. Apart Bubble gum, the studio is best known for its contributions to Berserk animated series.

6 Work – 9.4

In Season 2’s “The Job”, Richard decides to stop lying on the couch all day and find a job in pizza delivery. Sadly, his dedication to the role leads him to unknowingly wreak havoc in the town of Elmore, as the rest of the family try to grab and stop him.

A fun episode that makes the most of its incredibly diverse cast of characters, “The Job” may be too stereotypical to be considered Gumball’s best episode, but it’s definitely up there.

5 The remote control – 9.4

In Season 2’s “The Remote”, the Wattersons, each wanting to watch different things at the same time, take drastic measures to achieve their ends after Richard hides the TV remote.

This episode features one of the best of the many twist endings in The Amazing World of Gumball, and it was so popular with fans that it was even made into a game, “Remote Fu,” for the Cartoon Network website.

4 Replay – 9.5

The Amazing World of Gumball kicked off Season 5 with “The Rerun,” a continuation of “The Disaster” which finds Gumball waking up to realize he has a second chance to stop Rob from destroying his world.

It ends the two-episode arc on a satisfying, if not somewhat meta, note, which immediately sets the stage for the high quality that would be on display in the rest of the Season 5 episodes.

3 Imitators – 9.5

In “The Copycats”, the Wattersons come to blows with a family of doppelgangers, as they have to figure out how to outsmart a group of people who are copying your every move.

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According to Polygon, this episode was actually inspired by the existence of Miraculous star, a real chinese animated series that ripped off Bubble gum quite blatantly. The path Bubble gumThe creators of chose to deal with this situation – making an episode about it – is one of the reasons the series is so beloved.

2 The console – 9.5

The Amazing World of Gumball has parodied many different media over its near decade, but perhaps the most original of those parodies is their love letter to classic video game RPGs, “The Console” from season 5. In episode , Gumball, Darwin and Anais are trapped in a cursed video game console, forced to beat the fantasy RPG game “Inverted Paradox: The Enemy Within” to escape.

What might be a stereotypical plot is actually given a pretty quirky twist by the show’s writing team, and the result speaks for itself. The episode is also memorable thanks to the sixteen-bit aesthetic evoked in many scenes.

1 The Choices – 9.8

“The Choices” from season 5 is one of The Amazing World of Gumball‘s most heartfelt episodes, as it focuses on Nicole reliving the events of the day she met Richard and sees her wondering if her life would have been better if she had done things differently.

It’s a surprisingly poignant episode for a kids’ show, and it really makes it clear that the team behind Bubble gum cares about his audience. Rather than presenting a rigid message about morality or a series of slapstick gags, this episode appeals to all of the members of Bubble gum‘s broad demographic.

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