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SpongeBob SquarePants has a ton of fun episodes, and the staff at FanSided sat down to watch the best episodes and ask “why?” ”

Are you ready, children? There is something magical about hearing these opening lines from Sponge Bob SquarePants theme song. And every time you hear it, you know you’re going to experience something special.

And for the group that grew up watching Sponge Bob SquarePants when it first aired, a quick flashback will show you just how iconic the first two seasons were. And even in the next few seasons, Spongebob switch off continuously shot after shot.

Now, as we celebrate Comic Book Week on FanSided Entertainment, the staff took a look at some of the Spongebob best episodes, including “Pizza Delivery” and the ever famous “Band Geeks”. Come explore the inner workings of the minds of FanSided’s Mia Johnson, Shea Corrigan, Mary Clarke and Ashley Young as we explore 103 questions, comments and concerns we have about Spongebob the biggest hits.

“The secret box / the geeks of the group”

1. We’re in a minute and there have already been three iconic SpongeBob SquarePants lines. I love this episode.

2. It’s like 20 years later and I still want to know what’s in the secret box.

3. SpongeBob’s Secret Theory is rock solid.

4. Hmm, how do they get a TV signal underwater? I was just wondering.

5. If bubbles are air, then how do they exist under water?

6. “I have defiled our garden of friendship” [grimace emoji]

7. How to join the BFF club?

8. How do you visibly sweat underwater?

9. SpongeBob SquarePants Thinking that an embarrassing photo of himself is worse than a severed head is very relevant.

10. I feel like I have a memory of Patrick’s Mandela effect showing SpongeBob’s Christmas photo as his secret in the box.

11. SpongeBob SquarePants is freaking me out over every little thing in my life that I don’t know about.

12. How common are pointy nightcaps like Patrick’s? Why do cartoon characters always wear them to bed?

13. Or is it only because of his head and I judge?

14. The worst. Stealthy. Section. Never.

15. Why didn’t SpongeBob SquarePants just… you know, open the box while he was there?

16. Why didn’t anyone tell me that this was such an emotionally painful episode?

17. We have to blame Patrick for being so smart !!

18. What a twist!

a. Hmm, I guess it wasn’t a memory of Mandela!

19. “You have reached the house of unsung talents” = everyone writes to their quarantined lear king.

20. Group geeks are exactly like that and I hate it, and I say that as a person who was in a group in high school.

21. Squidward is a vital worker.

a. This group geek is not.

22. “Do Instruments of Torture Matter? Um no.

23. But is mayonnaise an instrument?

24. “Horseradish is not an instrument either”

25. Is this correct for each group class? I never took a band but it looks awful lol.

a. Well yes.

26. “Too bad it didn’t kill me,” honestly SpongeBob wrote the millennial angst script and I see it now.

27. How can a children’s show get away with this dark humor? They crashed and burned.

28. Who are you taking in a fight?

a. If your money isn’t on Mrs. Puff, you’d be wrong.

29. Honestly, I like to tell people to “let it go” during an argument.

30. Does Squidward enlighten the group? For its own weight?

31. Why is everyone in the stands white?

32. I don’t think that’s the way the ocean works.

33. This is also not the way the marching bands work. No one sang during any of my performances !!!

34. SpongeBob’s singing voice is warm. I said it.

35. How big was the Bikini Bottom group compared to the stadium? How did the audio work so that they could hear?

36. The song never lasts long enough !!

“Arrgh! / Rock bottom “

37. Mr. Krabs, I think this is an HR violation.

a. Mr Krabs is TIME!

38. The “MY LEG!” guy!!!

a. I can watch “spin those fryers” on a 10 hour YouTube loop.

39. I’m the one trying to get my friends to play D&D more


41. How do buoyancy and physics work to operate a boat underwater?

42. Mr. Krabs does not appear to be a pirate, he is wearing a leather jacket.

43. I, 6, really felt for Patrick when he made the “Weast” mistake. Happens all the time!

44. I can’t believe board games predicted real life.

45. “You don’t get any” energy from Big Jeff Bezos.

a. The end of capitalism begins with Comrade SpongeBob SquarePants.

46. ​​Scallywags is low-key, a savage burn.

47. The title card of “Rock Bottom” already scares me.

48. 50 cents for a bus ride is so cheap.

49. Why do the gloves have four fingers?

a. SpongeBob has four fingers!

b. Why does SpongeBob SquarePants have four fingers?

vs. Why does a sponge need fingers? * think of emoji *

50. Gender-neutral bathrooms = a simple solution.

51. Patrick just left on the bus, are they really good friends?

52. Why doesn’t Patrick just ask the driver to stop instead of wobbling out the window?

53. #Petownerproblems.

54. I’ve always wondered what glove candy looks like… other than “glove flavor”.

55. Kelp candy = me at the Ventra machine hoping the train doesn’t go first.

56. Okay, but it’s actually a VERY fast bus service, collect it SpongeBob SquarePants.

57. SpongeBob SquarePants don’t deserve a bus. Get out of your own way !!!!!!

58. Is there Uber in Bikini Bottom?

a. Um, not in 1999/2000.

b. Oh wow, I forgot it’s 1999.

vs. 1999.

59. SpongeBob SquarePants should consider meditation.

60. Is SpongeBob a bit of an asshole?

61. Is SpongeBob SquarePants an anti-hero?


63. “Oh, it’s just you,” AF is rude.

64. Again, Bikini Bottom / Rock Bottom is where the physique comes to die.

65. This episode is not a good look for Spongebob.

“Boat school / pizza delivery”

66. It has vibrations “a customer enters the store at the last second”. We’ve all been there, Squidward.

67. Does this episode take place during the coronavirus pandemic?

68. Why don’t they have social distancing?

69. Why didn’t Squidward just lead them himself?

70. SpongeBob SquarePants get lost a lot, eh?

71. That pizza lament = been there.

72. The Krusty Krab pizza song is going to stay in my head all day now.

73. Dare I ask how can there be a tornado underwater?

a. Hot tubs!

b. Okay, they win this round.

74. The pizza wouldn’t be so intact after everything they’ve been through.


76. This gives me flashbacks to “you don’t need a license to drive a sandwich”.

77. Who are these pioneers of whom he speaks?

78. Do people really act that way towards delivery people? Ouch.

a. Give a good tip to your delivery drivers !!

79. Can SpongeBob drive a rock but not a car?

80. They didn’t have Google Maps at the time?

81. How is everything in his house liquefied for these things to drink?

82. The pitfalls of having a pineapple as a home

83. “Is it already time for you to ruin my day?” Squidward is a quotable legend.

84. Have I forgotten why Patrick is wearing a tuxedo?

85. It’s just terraforming in Animal crossing.

86. SpongeBob Pounding Floating Boards = How To Call The Physics Police?

87. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think that’s the way to build a house.

88. Why was Patrick kicked out of his parents’ house ????

a. There is a story here.

89. The architecture of Patrick’s house is confusing. At one point the rock is a roof then the next, is it just a cover?

90. Do you think SpongeBob and Patrick would run away from Bikini Bottom during a pandemic?

91. I wonder where they would flee.

92. Has Patrick ever considered sleeping on his side?

93. It’s like going to a slumber party and your friend’s mom basically gives you a newspaper to go to sleep with. Where are the blankets ?!

94. SpongeBob SquarePants just tried to kill Patrick by suffocating him.

95. Does Squidward leave his door unlocked, or has SpongeBob Squad sneak in?

96. Ah so that’s where this meme came from.

97. The underwear is gone from that closet but Squidward isn’t wearing anything like it …

98. SpongeBob SquarePants are pretty fancy, they’re not going to lie. I love the floral print!

99. Is SpongeBob wearing this hat again in this series?

100. Where do her parents live if not Bikini Bottom?

101. I don’t think that’s how pineapples are made.

102. Why couldn’t it be so easy in real life?

103. I’m calling a botanist to find out!

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