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It has been 13 years since Gilmore Girls finished, and five years after the reboot first aired on Netflix. With nothing in the works currently for the Gilmore Girls universe, fans have revisited their favorite series over and over again.

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With each replay, new emotions and discoveries that the fans did not catch the first two times and it keeps them from sleeping at night. Whether it’s an intrigue or a silly decision, there are plenty of actions that make fans wake up in the middle of the night with a cold sweat.

ten Lane learned to play the drums very quickly …

It was Lane’s dream to be a musician, to play in a band and to travel the world. Her upbringing didn’t make her dream come true, but she certainly gave it a try when a local music store opened in Stars Hollow. The owner allowed her to play the drums after hours as long as she didn’t stay on for too long. And not long after, Lane’s story really started: she was invited to be part of a band. A fan pointed out something that bothered them, however. “How did Lane learn to play the drums so quickly?” Lane had virtually no training time and she was somewhat of an incredible thresher. How did she have enough time to learn more than the basics ?!

9 Why isn’t Richard buried with the rest of the Gilmores?

In ‘Richard in Stars Hollow’, Lorelai and Rory stop by Richard and Emily’s for dinner and drinks as always. Emily asked Lorelai if she had any plans to get married because the Gilmores were running out of space in the family mausoleum. Turns out they have an entire area where the Gilmores are buried, including spaces for Lorelai and Richard.

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Oddly enough, in the reboot Gilmore Girls: A Year in the LifeRichard dies and a funeral is organized for him in the cemetery. Emily had a crisis with the creators of her gravestone because it wasn’t what she wanted. But, fans can’t help but stay awake at night and ask what happened to the mausoleum? One fan even reminded others that “There was a whole subplot” about this mausoleum and it was ignored when restarting.

8 Sookie didn’t have to cut lunch

Lorelai and sookie in the dragonfly kitchen - gilmore girls

After a few weeks of opening the Dragonfly Inn, Lorelai must have saved some money and cut costs somewhere. She decided the best business decision was to cut Sookie’s lunch because it wasn’t very popular at the Dragonfly and they were spending a lot of money and time in the kitchen. The only way to make it work was to cut lunch. Sookie, of course, was devastated and didn’t want to interrupt lunch. However, a fan noted a solution to the problem that keeps them awake at night: “They could have cut food and staff costs by switching to a cafe or bistro style menu of sandwiches, soups, salads, etc.” She didn’t need to spend the extra money helping in the kitchen if they had a smaller, simpler menu.

7 Lane reportedly missed his flight to Korea

Lane and Rory talk about packing for Korea on Gilmore Girls

Ms. Kim has some of the best quotes on the show, but she hasn’t always been the mother Lane needed from her. In one episode, Lane was shocked to learn that her mother was taking her out of school to ship her to Korea. She told Rory that her flight was leaving in two hours and that she needed to pack her bags.

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However, one fan noted that if she took an international flight to Korea, she would have been late. “You don’t have to be at the airport at least 2-3 hours before an international flight?” They asked. Reddit. Presumably, she would have made the trip to JFK, which means Lane would have missed her flight from the start because she didn’t give herself enough time.

6 Where did Mr. Kim hide?

Gilmore Girls Lane and Mr. Kim

All along Gilmore Girls, we don’t really discuss where Lane’s father was. It had always been her and her “mom”. But in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, something is wrong. Suddenly, Mr. Kim appeared and motioned to Lane and Rory. The fact that Mr. Kim was never seen in the original series but appeared in the reboot makes fans question everything. “I always thought that Mr. Kim was still in Korea”, a fan noted, which made the most sense for Lane and Mrs. Kim.

5 Luke’s reaction to breastfeeding was offensive

Lorelai and Rory at Luke's Diner sipping coffee on Gilmore Girls

There are a lot of things that fans miss in Luke’s Diner, but nothing escapes Luke. In “Eight O’Clock at the Oasis,” a group of parents went to Luke’s for a coffee where a woman breastfed her child. Luke found the action awkward and wanted mothers and fathers to come out of his restaurant. His “whistle” bothered fans because of how weird he was. It’s been 10 years since that episode and fans stay awake at night thinking how inappropriate Luke’s reaction was.

4 Sookie was not hygienic in the kitchen

Sookie in the kitchen cooking - gilmore girls

Sookie has been touted as this amazing chef who has rave reviews from everyone who tries his food. Her kitchen is always stocked with fresh ingredients and she has a handful of workers following her like a puppy. But one fan pointed out something on Reddit which now haunts other viewers: “Sookie continues to taste food directly with her kitchen spoon.” This means that Sookie is not as hygienic as it should be for such a famous cook.

3 Would Anna really wait to introduce her daughter to a man unless they were married?

anna nardini on the phone - gilmore girls

Anna Nardini has made a lot of mistakes in her life; number one being not to tell Luke he had a child for over a decade. She started out so promising, but as the series progressed, Anna became a villain. It still torments fans that Anna told Lorelai that she didn’t want Lorelai to be with her daughter unless she and Luke were married. She promised that she would do the same when she was ready to get married. But a fan did a good point, “What if April doesn’t like the fiancé / spouse or vice versa?”. It’s hard to believe that Luke or Anna would marry someone without April ever meeting them.

2 How did Paris get Logan’s medical information?

Rory got Logan out of the hospital on the Gilmore girls

Fans of Team Logan love to watch episodes that highlight Rory and Logan’s relationship, but “Super Cool Party People” was not one of those episodes. After having a crashing accident in Costa Rica, Logan ended up in the hospital. But with Rory not being family, she had no way of getting more information about Logan’s injuries. There you go, Paris arrives and was able to find out everything Rory wanted to know. One fan noted that this would rarely happen in “real life” because Paris had no connection with him and was not even in the hospital.

1 How did Asher have Paris in her will?

Paris and Rory after Asher's wake on Gilmore Girls

According to fans, some loved Paris and Asher together while others were bothered by them. Nevertheless, they clearly shared something special because when Asher died he left a series of things in Paris in his will. However, he and Paris hadn’t been dating for that long. Did he really put his girlfriend of a few months in his will? As an older gentleman with children, fans can’t help but think too much about Paris’s connection to Asher’s will. A fan wrote, “I doubt that a world famous speaker / writer will leave his valuables to a floozie.” However, it made for a great script.

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