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Although Gilmore Girls has seven seasons in the original series and a reboot with four feature films, Stars Hollow fans want more. There were a lot of things the characters talked about on camera that fans never had the chance to see but would have loved the opportunity.

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At Reddit, fans are even talking about moments that never happened on the show but would have liked. After all, Gilmore Girls is filled with so many intricate characters and dramatic moments that it’s impossible to see everything on a fan’s wish list. From Ms. Kim going on tour with Lane to a real night out with Rory and Jess, fans are always hoping to see a variety of moments.

ten Ms. Kim traveling the world with Hep Alien

Hep Alien performs at home in Gilmore Girls

Fans know that Ms Kim did not accept Lane’s rock’n’roll lifestyle because it went against their family’s religious beliefs. Ms. Kim had excellent quotes on Gilmore Girls, but his words were often harsh on Lane. However, once Ms Kim saw how happy Lane was to make her group a success, she joined in as well.

It was thanks to Ms. Kim that the band got a tour van and put on a few concerts. But what Reddit Emstewie14 really wanted was “Mrs. Kim [tagging] with Brian’s parents going to concerts and supporting the band. Seeing Ms. Kim at a rock show would have been nice for her relationship with Lane.

9 Lorelai entering her house for the first time

Lorelai is attached to her home in Stars Hollow for a number of reasons. It was the first house she bought and that’s where she raised Rory. And while fans laugh at some of the nonsense things about Lorelai’s house, it was special for her.

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Read6 would have loved to see Lorelai buy her house. ” I imagine [Lorelai] seeing house after house in his price range and not all of them being right, then walk into his house and it all falls into place, ”they told Reddit.

8 The first meeting of friends

Lane and Rory Kids Flashback to Now on Gilmore Girls

There are lots of characters in Gilmore Girls that fans want to be friends with. From Sookie to Kirk, they’re all special.

However, Murder1 told Reddit that they wanted to see these friends meet for the first time at first. “I want to see Lorelai and Ms. Kim’s first meeting,” they wrote. Another fan stepped in and said, “Yeah! I almost wanted to see Rory and Lane too!” The first interactions would have been a funny comparison to their life in the present.

7 Lorelai as a young mom

Young Christopher and Lorelai - Girls Gilmore

At times Lorelai could be mean and jealous of her daughter, but that could be because the two had practically grown up together.

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And speaking of, Mysterious_Lemon9175 I would have loved to see Lorelai as a new mom to baby Rory. “I wish there were scenes from Rory’s childhood. I think [it’s] hard to imagine Lorelai being the mother of a child, “they told Reddit. It would have been fun to see her chasing little Rory around Stars Hollow.

6 How did Rory and Logan reconnect after college?

Alexis Bledel and Matt Czuchry as Rory Gilmore and Logan Huntzberger in Gilmore Girls A Year In The Life

At the end of the original series, Rory breaks up with Logan because she wasn’t ready to get engaged and settle down so young. But on the reboot, #TeamLogan fans were ecstatic to see the episode where these two were still very much in touch.

But how did they still communicate? With Logan engaged and living in London, and Rory traveling to the States, how did these two reconnect? Ok_Refrigerator6028 agreed, writing: “We need more information on how they started their ‘Vegas’ arrangement.”

5 Ms Kim’s reaction to Lane’s dyed hair

After being in her mother’s hands for so long, Lane was tired of not living her truth. She wanted to express herself in any way possible. The easiest thing she could think of to live her best life was to dye her hair purple. And while it was a sweet moment of friendship between Rory and Lane, Lane panicked over her purple hair. Rory must have quickly dyed it black before Ms. Kim saw it. A Reddit user commented: “Call me a [s]adist, but I would have loved to see Mrs. Kim’s reaction to Lane’s purple hair. “

4 Lorelai and Rory Celebrate Rory’s 21st Birthday in Atlantic City

Rory at her 21st birthday party with friends, then after Atlantic City with Lorelai on Gilmore Girls

Lorelai and Rory were identifiable characters when they were both planning Rory’s 21st birthday. It’s a monumental birthday for many and the Gilmores wanted to do everything in style in Atlantic City. The two women couldn’t make it to Rory’s 21st due to a breakup, but they eventually made up for lost time. But sadly, fans never saw the extravagance – maybe that’s because it’s hard to imagine these two partying.

“I don’t see any of them getting lost, enjoying a huge casino busy playing poker, blackjack, 21, slots, or them going after 21 guys for their phone numbers,” AmandaIorian Recount Reddit. And they are right. Rory and Lorelai aren’t party girls at all.

3 Why weren’t there any episodes for Mother’s Day?

Emily Rory Lorelai in a mall

Among all the memorable episodes of Gilmore Girls, it’s surprising that there isn’t a single Mother’s Day-themed episode.

Rose_Snoo mentioned, “For the way the mother-daughter centered the whole show, I would have loved a special episode where we can see the Lorelai-Rory dynamic to the fullest.” The show is all about mother-daughter relationships, so it’s odd that there isn’t an episode dedicated to that.

2 Sookie Deserved A Cooking Show

Sookie in the kitchen cooking - gilmore girls

Snookie is an amazing chef who rarely creates a bad meal. His passion and enthusiasm for cooking only adds to his credibility. She’s a fun character to watch as she is one of the few who adores her job.

A Editor okay and thought it would be fun for Snookie in a different light. “Sookie getting her own cooking show” would have been an epic addition to her character’s story. She would have added so much charisma to television.

1 The night that Jess and Rory deserved

going to dinner with logan and jesse - gilmore girls

Jess and Rory never got the ending they deserved. He fled to California without even saying goodbye and only returned to his life a few years later. The two weren’t on good terms until Jess changed her life and wrote a book. To celebrate, Jess and Rory were planning on going out for dinner and drinks, but their night was hijacked by Logan.

Meoc55 said “I hated Logan ruining their night. I would have liked to see Rory and Jess’ conversation at the pub (non-stop).” It was a necessary interaction that fans never had.

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