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While Disney Plus typically releases new episodes of its original shows every week, they’ve decided to use Netflix’s model by releasing the entire second season of Diary of a future president on August 18, 2021. This allowed fans to gorge themselves on the series in record time, but ultimately left them with plenty of questions as the season ended in a dramatic cliffhanger.

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Another season of the show has yet to be confirmed, but loyal viewers are hoping the Cañero-Reed family will grace their screens at least once more in the future. In fact, fans are so hopeful that the series will be renewed that they have already started to speculate what season three might look like.

ten Elena wins the student representative election

Elena giving a class speech in Diary Of A Future President

Much of season two focused on Elena’s candidacy for the position of student representative at her school. Although she retired from racing at one point, she returned and became even more determined to win than before.

Sadly, the season ended on a major cliffhanger with Elena not knowing whether or not she got the job. Instead, she gets a call before the screen goes black. Fans are hopeful that she won as it would be a fun plot going forward and certainly fits her path to becoming president in the future.

9 Sam proposing to Gabi

Gabi rests her head on Sam's shoulder in Diary of a Future President.

Gabi and Sam have been one of the romantic couples on TV for the past decade and have one of the best adult relationships on a teen show. Although these two started out as co-workers, their relationship blossomed and in season 2 they decided to move in together.

Sam is such an incredible figure in Gabi and her children’s lives that fans are hoping he will take their relationship to the next level by asking Gabi to marry him. Not only would this be a sweet and appropriate next step in their relationship, but it would definitely add some excitement to Season 3. With a wedding to plan and kids to raise, Gabi and Sam will have their hands full, setting up a multitude of comic possibilities.

8 Liam realizes he has feelings for Bobby

Liam and Bobby are chatting in the hallway in Diary of a Future President.

Liam unwittingly helped Bobby understand his sexuality during the first season, but it took a step back this time around. Instead, Liam becomes preoccupied with his new girlfriend until the two later go their separate ways.

In the final episode of the current season, Liam realizes that Bobby had a crush on him, which sends Liam’s emotions into a confusing spiral. Fans have always shipped these two and are hoping Liam’s surprise means he, too, has romantic feelings for Bobby. Even if he doesn’t, it would be nice if next season’s focus is on supporting Liam’s support for his friend, who is still coming to terms with who he is.

7 Bobby get to date cj

CJ and Bobby walking the halls together in Diary of a Future President.

After Liam has his first girlfriend, Bobby decides the best way to get over his crush is to find a new one. Fortunately, he befriends CJ, an older college student who takes Bobby under his wing when his friends abandon him.

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While fans love Bobby and Liam, they ultimately just want to see Bobby happy, which is why many want to see him date CJ in Season 3. The two have a lot in common and it’s clear that CJ loves Bobby. They are a much more viable couple than Bobby and Liam, and exploring their budding relationship could add more storyline possibilities to the series.

6 Elena and Emilio work together

Elena watches Emilio at school in Diary of a Future President.

Emilio is one of the more recent characters on Diary of a future president which turns Elena’s life upside down. As a new kid, Emilio is ready to go head first by signing up as a student representative.

While Elena and Emilio are iconic rivals for most of the season, they ended up working together to prevent Tripp from winning. These two seem to have a lot in common, including their platforms aimed at making school more fun for students. This unexpected alliance has fans hoping that they will continue to team up to make the school a better place next season.

5 Elena confronts Joey about the speech

Elena and Joey get ready to kiss in Diary of a Future President.

Elena takes the opportunity to help her crush, Joey, write her Bar Mitzvah speech. Unfortunately, Joey takes his advice a bit too literally and ends up reusing his campaign speech in his speech, leaving Elena devastated.

Elena is so stressed that she doesn’t have time to confront Joey as she has to write a new speech for herself. However, fans want to see Elena defend herself in Season 3 and call Joey out for her bad decision to plagiarize her job. Plus, Elena’s newfound self-respect could open Joey’s eyes to her intelligence and charisma, which could set the stage for an eventual romance.

4 Cami is dating her parents

Cami talks to someone offscreen in Diary of a Future President.

Cami is not only Gabi’s best friend and colleague, but she also becomes Bobby’s confidante as he explores his sexuality. It’s heartwarming to see Cami offer her some advice, but it’s also bittersweet since Cami has yet to come out to her own family.

While Cami has the love and support of her friends, fans want to see her receive the same love and support from her family by being honest with them. It would also allow the show to tell a different coming-out story than the one they tell with Bobby. It would help to make Diary of a future president one of the best shows with LGBTQ performances.

3 Elena and Bobby continue to support each other

Elena and Bobby kissing on the couch in Diary of a Future President.

When it comes to sibling relationships on TV, there is usually a lot of arguing and quarreling. This was certainly the case for Elena and Bobby at the start of the series, but in Season 2, Elena and Bobby began working together to help each other make each other’s dreams come true.

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Some of the best scenes of this season revolved around Elena and Bobby confiding in each other, like when Bobby talks to him before everyone else in their family. Bobby returns the favor as he listens to Elena let off steam when she is frustrated with their mother. They quickly became “sibling goals” in the eyes of netizens and fans want that to continue in Season 3.

2 Cami and Danielle’s wedding

Cami and Danielle holding hands in the journal of a future president.

One of the minor storylines this season revolved around Cami’s intention to propose his girlfriend Danielle. And while the proposal didn’t go as planned, Cami eventually got engaged to the love of her life at the end of the season.

With so much attention paid to the proposal, fans are hopeful that Season 3 would involve an over the top and possibly costly marriage for these two. There are so many things that can go wrong when planning a wedding, which would bring excitement and drama to the series while giving Cami even more screen time. And if Gabi and Sam decide to get married as well, having two wedding ceremonies at the same time would promise to be both hilarious and heartwarming.

1 More scenes with Future Elena

Future Elena and Elena in the halls in Diary of a Future President.

Fans didn’t get to see much of Elena’s future version in Season 1, but luckily that changed in Season 2. Instead of seeing her as president, she came back as a vision in her head. ‘Elena, offering her support and advice when she needed it most. One of the most memorable scenes between these two is when “Future Elena” comforts herself younger after Joey steals her speech.

The added scenes with Future Elena were fun, but fans want even more in Season 3. They also wouldn’t mind having more scenes of her in the future where she succeeds as President of the States- United. Plus, it wouldn’t hurt to see more of Gina Rodriguez, who plays the role of an older world leader and still brings a warm charisma and piercing intelligence to her scenes with Tess Romero.

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