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The Big Bang Theory was first marketed as a show for the common nerd. It contained countless cheesy pop culture references, geeky main characters, and gags made specifically for this type of audience. Over the years however, the spectacle had undoubtedly changed. The oldest The Big Bang Theory the seasons had a spark of magic that was visibly lacking in the new episodes.

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What was once a niche series about a nerdy group of friends quickly morphed into a stereotypical sitcom that has seemingly ditched some of its most popular and basic characters, gags, and storylines. The quintessential character traits were altered, jokes dropped, and forced plot / setting changes made long-time audiences yearn for the show’s early directions.

ten The old comic book store never needed the update

The gang discussing an issue at Stuart's former Big Bang Theory comic store

The comic book store the gang visited frequently became a hallmark of the series. Creepy Stuart, endless sea of ​​guys, and comic book paraphernalia made the store feel like it was perfect. The newly redesigned comic book store, after the old one burned down, was only written into the series towards the end of the series, but it really didn’t feel out of place from the start.

Of course, the comic book store was symbolic of Sheldon’s old life, so getting married and moving called for a change. But more than that, the new comic book store was less welcoming to the public. Because the new design was bigger and brighter, it really sucked the life out of the once special setting.

9 Leonard and Penny bicker less

Leonard and Penny have a fight on their wedding night in The Big Bang Theory

By the start of the series, it was clear that Leonard and Penny were still going through the honeymoon phase of their relationship. Leonard was always the goofy nerd trying to impress the pretty neighbor and Penny was the popular girl who secretly enjoyed Sheldon and Leonard’s company. In other words, it was funnier that way. It was relatable and better connected to the public; it was also more interesting to watch.

After the couple got married, the tone of their relationship changed completely. They were like an old married couple now. Leonard stopped fighting for Penny, and Penny still seemed annoyed with her husband. The relationship had simply lost its meaning.

8 Howard’s interactions with his mother were funnier back then

Howard screams at his mom at his mom from The Big Bang Theory

Young Howard had been a lot funnier in previous seasons, in part because he was still single and living with his mother. The interactions between Howard and his mother were one of the funniest gags on the show. She was the stereotypical bossy Jewish mother when he was the nerdy kid who still lived at home. Every kid had this embarrassing parent, so the gag was quite relatable.

When Howard married, however, Bernadette essentially took over the role of Howard’s mother, and Howard’s mother therefore became obsolete; there was no more room for her in Howard’s life. The jokes between him and his mother quickly became boring and sad, and it felt like the character had evolved and not necessarily for the better.

7 Amy was a cloned copy of Sheldon

Raj and Howard set up Sheldon and Amy for the first time in The Big Bang Theory

When Amy was introduced, she was almost an exact clone of Sheldon. She had a monotonous voice, she had no social life and she had a very scientific mind, like him. This was apparently the character’s goal. Raj and Howard had found a girl for Sheldon, who was basically just a female version of him.

Fast forward to the end of the season and Amy was no longer that quiet girl. She became a more sensual woman who wanted to be a cool kid now. As a result, she has become a bit stereotypical.

6 The show was more out of date

The gang dressed up as DC female superheroes at the Big Bang Theory Stuart comic bookstore

Comparing the early episodes to the newer ones, it’s clear the writers are just fed up with researching and writing cheesy niche jokes. The series’ nerdiness has gradually waned with each season, so it wasn’t much of a surprise in all fairness.

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In more recent seasons, the gang weren’t quite as nerdy or geeky anymore, the jokes weren’t so much about pop culture anymore, and the plot was less gang-centric and more about their relationships with loved ones. In a way, the show lost touch with what made it so special and appealing in the first place.

5 Sheldon and Leonard’s roommate deal dropped

Sheldon forging the chord, abandoning the chord and the chord itself.

Sheldon and Leonard’s roommate deal was a fun, quirky gag that many fans missed in classic episodes. The ridiculousness of the clauses only reinforced the already hilarious interaction between Leonard and Sheldon. It also highlighted how unique and boring Sheldon was at times.

With the progression of the series, there simply was no more room for it in the story. Sheldon moved in with Amy (canceling Sheldon and Leonard’s deal), Leonard and Penny got married, and Sheldon sort of grew up. It was unfortunate that the story progressed in such a way that it killed a beloved gag from the early days.

4 Sheldon was a more interesting character back then

Sheldon drives with Penny, sings with Beverly and eats at the Cheesecake Factory

Part of Amy’s role in Sheldon’s life was to make him realize how childish he was at times; in other words, she helped him grow. And as part of his growth, unfortunately, Sheldon’s character has fundamentally changed over the past few seasons. A lot of his quirks were dropped and he became a very different character.

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He wasn’t as meticulous in his day-to-day life anymore. No more hard-to-make teas, no more tense Sheldon who hated change, and no more not driving, among other things. It was a bit of a shame as Sheldon became more of an icon and less of a character.

3 Howard was always trying to flirt with girls

Howard tries unsuccessfully to flirt with Big Bang Theory girls

Howard was an integral part of the series, and many fans especially enjoyed the character’s early interpretations. He was a grown man who lived at home with his mother. More importantly, he was a lonely bachelor who always tried to pick up on girls. His methods, while scary at times, were an essential aspect of his character and added yet another layer of humor to an already funny show.

From horrific magic tricks to terrible pickup lines, all about Howard’s plot to make a girlfriend work. When he met Bernadette, one of his most prominent features had apparently disappeared. No more flirting and more silly adult-themed jokes.

2 Howard and Raj had a very special relationship with each other

Howard and Raj being more than Big Bang Theory friends

Howard and Raj were best friends, but some fans and other characters would call their relationship more than platonic. Some, like Beverly Hofstadter, would even say it is a pent-up romantic relationship. Regardless, they were very comfortable with each other and therefore their actions and interactions were sometimes a bit sexual. This gag has been accentuated in previous seasons, and for good reason, it was funny and the actors played it well.

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The chemistry between these two characters was indescribable, so it was great that the writers continually tease this element of the series. It was overkill at times, but that was the point. But as the characters developed, they lost some of that special chemistry in their relationship. Although it has been revisited at times, the gag has become forced and less funny as a result.

1 It was best when Raj couldn’t talk to women unless he was drunk

Raj not being able to talk to women unless drunk from The Big Bang Theory

When the writers decided to take away Raj’s inability to talk to women while sober, it really felt like they had murdered the character. The most interesting and defining aspect of Raj was his inability to talk to women. They played him so hard that he collapsed in the end. The change, while expected, came too early in the series and made Raj a more boring and stereotypical character.

The fact that Raj was able to talk to women negatively impacted many other aspects of the show, including his relationship with Howard, his relationship with Penny, and his love life, all of which were nice to see.

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