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It’s not easy to be sure Real housewives; Over the years, the franchise has demonstrated how peacemakers like Yolanda Hadid or Denise Richards can struggle to find their place, as the reality series doesn’t just work on brotherhood. Sometimes it’s chemistry, and sometimes relativity determines how successful housewives are.

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Producers found a way to minimize a housewife’s presence by having her play as a guest or a “friend” role, especially if audiences didn’t find a certain actor engaging enough. Voluntary or not, most releases have to do with fan reactions and an actor’s ability to connect with viewers. While some of the outings made fans touched, some of the departures were actually on time and appreciated by the fandom.

ten Eva Marcille – RHOA

Eva was one of the youngest Real housewives who seemed like a great addition when presented and her calm energy was refreshing, but fans quickly realized she wasn’t a good person. RHOA The cast share a chaotic dynamic, and over the years audiences have simply adjusted to the unpredictable developments that escalate in seconds, but Eva clearly wasn’t ready for that kind of intensity.

Eva tended to start fights that she couldn’t finish and often found it difficult to defend herself during arguments. During a Season 12 confessional, Eva even said, “It’s way too much tension and way too much energy.” Fans didn’t really hate her, but many were happy that she took time off, as she clearly couldn’t contribute much to the series.

9 Kim Richards – RHOBH

Kim had an exceptional bow; her plots were personal and engaging, she was funny, unapologetic and unafraid to make bold moves. She kept the series watchable for many years, but her struggle with addiction was a concern for her castmates and fans alike.

The sun reported that Kim was fired from the show as a full-time member after her consecutive arrests for public intoxication, trespassing and shoplifting. As much as fans loved watching her, it was difficult for them to watch her face her personal struggles in real time and deal with the toxicity of her cast mates. focus on itself.

8 Brandi Glanville – RHOBH

Brandi Glandville on RHOBH arguing

Brandi has become more and more unpredictable with each season, and it has affected her relationship with her castmates. Bravo decided to end his contract, although Brandi claimed it was his decision to quit. Although she had some interesting storylines, like the one where she faced off against Vanderpump Rules star Scheana Shay for having an affair with her then-husband – fans struggled to support her and defend her unprovoked meanness.

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She was constantly making baseless statements about her cast mates, especially the Richard sisters. She often resorted to violence and her comrades obviously had difficulty managing her temper. As a result, fans were very happy to see her go.

7 Camille Grammer – RHOBH

Camille Grammer from RHOBH

Camille has often been seen as a villain on Real housewives, but fans found its script terribly engaging; her calm demeanor was a big part of her appeal. But, she has cultivated a form of clickism on the show and could be very mean to people if she didn’t feel safe by their presence, like the way she attacked Faye at Hell’s Dinner.

Fans found it difficult to defend her behavior after she alienated most of her comrades with her cattinerie and were relieved when she left the show.

6 Dorinda Medley – RHONY

Dorinda saying "clip, clip, clip" in a restaurant on RHONY

Dorinda was certainly one of the most watchable housewives. However, over the years she became more and more unpredictable and would bring chaotic energy to any setting, making it difficult for fans to connect with her. The attacks below Dorinda’s belt were also pretty harsh, like the time she blasted Sonja Morgan.

“Your husband has left you and my husband is dead, so don’t dare compare my marriage to yours,” Dorinda said in an unprovoked attack. Her castmate Luanne de Lesseps even pointed out in an interview with American magazine that the show was less angry with Dorinda’s existence. It was becoming obvious that Dorinda needed attention and would be the loudest in the room, but it was getting a bit too much, even for the loyalists who had initially supported her.

5 Danielle Staub – RHONJ

Danielle Staub sitting outside while talking to Melissa on RHONJ

The founding housewife of RHONJ left twice in the past 12 years; once after the second season, and then again in the 10th season after returning in seasons 8 and 9. Danielle had a reputation for starting the meanest fights that often got pretty aggressive, and she probably would never live. the moment she ransacked Margaret’s purse in a shop and pulled her hair.

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She also had to remind her castmates not to disparage someone’s children. Even Danielle’s best friend Teresea struggled to defend her actions at times, and fans were happy when she finally left the show for good.

4 Meghan King – RHOC

meghan king listening at dinner on rhoc

Meghan did not play fair and often stirred the pot to bring back the old drama. She was really fun, but some of her antics were a bit too harsh and even in bad taste.

Meghan rarely held her own stand and made a reputation for being talkative. A good example would be when she told Tamra that Shannon called her a “pot-agitator”, when Shannon was just confiding in her and not looking to start a new drama with Shannon. She was one of the younger housewives, so she made ageist remarks often, and most fans were happy when she quit after season 12.

3 Claudia Jordan – RHOA

Claudia was naturally watchable, but she didn’t seem to fit in well with the RHOA team. She wasn’t exactly a misfit, but the showrunners didn’t give her any interesting storylines. His one-on-one dynamics with the housewives could also have been better explored – everyone was very interested in Claudia, but they weren’t exactly welcoming.

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She shared some tensions with Porsha and NeNe and struggled to make her voice heard and make allies. It became apparent that Claudia wasn’t the perfect match for the show, and her fans were happy to see her go. RHOA and continue success on other platforms.

2 Denise Richards – RHOBH

Denise Richards at Dinner in Italy on RHOBH

Denise fans could see from the start that the series was not a perfect fit for the actor; she disagreed with the constant personal attacks, accusatory back-and-forths, and she struggled to understand just how manipulative the other housewife could be.

She was a good player and tried to be a peacemaker on several occasions, but found no confidants even though she tried to cultivate bonds with Lisa Rinna and a few of the others. In season 10, she called her castmates a mean girl group after her argument with Kyle Richards. Fans were quite relieved when Denise chose to leave the show and leave the drama behind.

1 Vicki Gunvalson – RHOC

Vicki Gunvalson wears white dress and talks about Jesus in The Real Housewives Of Orange County

Housewife OG was only judging more and more as the series progressed and struggled to keep friends. On some occasions, she even seemed bossy with her constant monitoring of others, and this was the case when she bullied Alexis Bellino for talking to her husband on the phone over dinner, or when she told Meghan King that her feelings towards his step -children were unfair.

Additionally, Gunvalson was never able to admit her mistakes and was often presented by fans as the villain of her show. She radiated negative energy, so most fans were okay with her leaving.

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