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According to Kevin Smith, creator and executive producer of Masters of the Universe: Revelation, the Netflix series is a direct sequel to the original. It’s from Filmation He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. A syndicated blockbuster that ran from 1983 to 1985.

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The series is meant to continue the unresolved stories from the original. While fans of the characters should have no problem following the plots of Revelation, it’s also not a bad idea to watch the previous show. Instead of going through the 130 episodes, here are the best ones that dive into the world of Eternia.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Masters of the Universe: Revelation!

ten The Shaping Staff shines a light on Evil-Lyn

Beast Man, He-Man, Evil-Lyn

He-Man and his colleagues rely on Orko and the Witch to handle their magical needs. Conversely, Skeletor relies on his second-in-command, Evil-Lyn, when it comes to mystics. His power is so vast that the character has a leading role in Revelation. During the first season, she teams up with Orko to restore magic to Eternia.

However, in “The Shaping Staff”, Evil-Lyn is far from accommodating. At the start of the episode, she takes over the Shaping Staff. This allows him to transform others with a single command. For example, changing He-Man to gold status.

9 Teela’s Quest plays an important character in the Netflix series

Man-At-Arms and a young Teela

Masters of the Universe: Revelation does not apply to Prince Adam / He-Man. Rather, it’s about Teela and her quest to help Eternia recover. Viewers get a feel for the young adult‘s origins in “Teela’s Quest”.

It is here that she learns that her real mother is none other than the witch. After an unsuccessful attempt to kidnap the child Teela by one of Skeletor’s henchmen, Mer-Man, the mystic asks Man-At-Arms to raise him as his own. Teela finds out throughout the episode. However, the witch erases her memory to protect her.

8 The Time Corridor has Skeletor going back in time

Man-at-Arms, Prince Adam, Cringer

Skeletor has a unique mind. He wants nothing more than to take control of the magical Grayskull castle and learn its secrets. It looks like it gets to this point at the end of the new Netflix series. However, in the original show, Skeletor is constantly hampered by the incompetence of his people.

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He takes matters into his own hands in “The Time Corridor”. Traveling in the past, Skeletor begins to build another castle in place of Grayskull. By spinning the Wheel of Time, its construction should destroy the current structure and unleash its magic. Needless to say, Skeletor’s plan is interrupted by He-Man.

7 In Reign of the Monster, He-Man remains the hero

He-Man Cast

The reason He-Man is being left out of the new title in the series is his limited appearances. He is in the first episode but seems to meet his disappearance. When the character returns, it’s simply as Prince Adam.

This is the case for most of the 80s He-man episodes. He starts off as Adam and then, raising his sword of power, he becomes He-Man. Except in “Reign of the Moster”. In this episode, the prince remains his powerful alter ego for the entire show.

6 Quest For He-Man presents Skeletor Wiping the Hero’s Mind

Cast of Quest for He-Man

How can a criminal defeat an enemy who seems all-powerful? As far as Skeletor is concerned, this involves wiping out He-Man’s mind and sending him to another planet. Why he only did this in “Quest for He-Man” and at no other time is unknown.

Needless to say, He-Man is unable to save the day this time around. It’s up to Orko, Ram-Man and Cringer to travel to the planet and fight his evil tyrant named Plundor.

5 He-Man and Skeletor team up in Evilseed

Orko, Witch, He-Man, Skeletor

Skeletor is an evil and determined person who wants nothing more than immense power. Still, he’s smart enough to know when he needs help. This is the case in the episode “Evilseed”.

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It looks like a plant-like villain named Evilseed wants to take Eternia through the proliferation of wild plants. As Skeletor doesn’t like anyone to break into his territory, he teams up with He-Man, Orko, and the Witch to defeat the character.

4 He-Man wants to reveal his identity in Prince Adam No More

King Randor, Prince Adam, Man-at-Arms

In the original version Masters of the Universe, only three people know of Prince Adam’s dual identity. They are the witch, the man-at-arms and Orko. While Adam seems to be okay with this for most of the series, he develops a strong urge to tell his father in “Prince Adam No More”.

He wants to do it because he’s sick of the backhanded compliments from King Randor. While the Eternia boss loves Adam and is proud of his accomplishments, he is also disappointed with his son’s alleged laziness. Nevertheless, after saving his father as He-Man, the young man decides not to say anything. If he had, it would have softened Randor’s angry reactions to the Netflix show’s revelation.

3 Skeletor sends the witch to another dimension in the Grayskull socket

He-Man in "The taking of Grayskull"

In Revelation, Skeletor finally does something to acquire the secrets of the witch and Grayskull. He uses brute force. Unfortunately, this could not be done in the early 1980s. Thus, Skeletor resorted to attempts such as sending the witch to another dimension.

This is the situation in “The Taking of Grayskull”. Not only does he kidnap the witch, but also takes over the entire Grayskull Castle in the process. He-Man, Battle Cat, Ram-Man, and Teela travel to this strange dimension to save both the castle and the witch in order to restore Eternia’s magical balance.

2 Teela goes into exile in Teela’s trial

Prince Adam, Teela, Orko, man-at-arms

Although Teela is the captain of Randor’s Royal Guard, she is somewhat stubborn and impulsive. This is underlined in “Teela’s Trial”. Using a new particle beam transporter, she causes Man-At-Arms to disappear while fighting Trap Jaw. Due to this mistake, Teela resigns from her post to find her father.

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She finds herself at Skeletor’s headquarters, Snake Mountain. Immediately, she is attacked by a giant snake. He-Man saves her, and in turn, they both save Man-At-Arms.

1 Origin of the witch details the character’s story

Witch He-Man

There aren’t many original episodes in the original He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. In fact, not even the main protagonist gets one. The only ones who seem to have complete blackouts are Teela, Cringer, and the Witch.

The latter is part of “Origin of the Sorceress”. The tale of his life begins when an evil wizard, Morgoth, returns to Eternia. This antagonist is the reason her youngest, Teelana, leaves her invaded village in search of the power and hope of Castle Grayskull.

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