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There is always something going on in Gilmore Girls‘Stars Hollow, but Amy Sherman-Palladino, the show’s creator, often refrains from delving deep into the characters’ emotional states. Instead, she fixes some of their biggest interpersonal issues and offscreen drama.

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Throughout the reboot of the show’s seven seasons, A year in the life, fans missed many pivotal moments in the arcs of their favorite characters that the series decided not to include. For a series that focuses so heavily on friendships, family, and romantic relationships, it’s curious how many breakups, make-ups, and adventures have been overlooked.

ten Rory’s reaction to Lorelai and Luke’s kisses

A lot happened the night Lorelai and Luke first kissed. The Dragonfly Inn welcomed the residents of Stars Hollow for the first time, Jason patiently waited for Lorelai in the lobby to come back with her (then disappeared), and more importantly, Rory lost her virginity to Dean.

Afterward, Lorelai and Rory had one of their worst arguments, so Lorelai never had a chance to tell Rory about the romantic kiss she shared with Luke. She finally told Rory, but fans will never know how Rory took the news upon hearing it. Was she shocked, happy or surprised?

9 Birthday gift from Michel & Tobin Battle For Lorelai

Gilmore Girls: Tobin gives Lorelai a birthday present while Michel watches

Michel was a bit of a misanthropic, in general, but he especially hated Tobin, the night director. On Lorelai’s birthday, Michel gave Lorelai a nice present, which Tobin topped with Joe Strummer’s leather jacket.

Michel wanted to outdo him, so he ran through the door looking for a better gift. It is not known if he has already found one, but it is highly unlikely. Fans never got to see how the birthday gift battle played out, but considering Michel’s attitude towards Tobin in the following episodes, it’s safe to say he never got over it. his gift.

8 Meet Jess & Rory

Rory talks to Jess at barrel party on Gilmore Girls

After a season of tension between the two, Jess and Rory finally started dating in Season 3. Unfortunately, fans couldn’t see much of their dates and what they once talked about. that they met. They also did not see the famous car accident.

It’s unfortunate that Amy Sherman-Palladino didn’t write more scenes with Rory and Jess talking about books, music, and movies once they were together. According to Lorelai, they spent a lot of time together, but from what the audience could see, it seemed like Jess had completely lost interest in Rory once they started dating.

7 Paris love life

In Chilton, Paris had her very first date with her longtime crush, Tristin Dugray. The date presumably went well, in her opinion, but Tristin told her that they should just be friends the next day. Fans will never know who read the play better – Paris or Tristin.

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After spending the summer in Washington, Paris met her first boyfriend, Jamie. He took her on a date and she finally met her parents. During her freshman year at Yale, she dated Asher Flemming, a renowned author. But sadly, fans have never seen her spend one-on-one time with her romantic interests.

6 Lane & Dave’s Ball and Breakup

Dave Rygalski is one of the most beloved supporting characters in Gilmore Girls. He went above and beyond to win Ms Kim’s heart and take Lane to the prom, but it’s unclear if they had a good time once they got there. Their relationship, unfortunately, fell apart without too much closure.

Dave subsequently went to college in California. It’s also unclear how touching the farewells were for the adorable couple. They broke up after arguing over the “wedding pitcher,” but fans will never know what words were exchanged or how heartbroken they got.

5 Lorelai & Rory in Europe

lorelai and rory come back from europe - gilmore girls

With the exception of Hartford and Yale, Gilmore Girls rarely take place outside of Stars Hollow, which is part of the charm of the series. The summer after Rory graduated from high school, Lorelai and Rory embarked on their European adventure.

Fans wish they could have seen more of their travels and how they interacted with other travelers at the hostels. When Rory went to Europe with Emily, fans at least got a little taste of Italy and Emily’s flirty side.

4 Rory and Logan’s first date

Rory and Logan’s first date happened between “Say Something” and “Jews and Chinese Food”. Since Logan ended up being one of the most important people in R0ry’s life, it would have been nice to see how this date turned out.

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Also, there is no way to know if the date has happened or not. Logan said he was going out of town. Rory even commented that he didn’t see him at one of the Friday night dinners, so it could be that Logan was missing for several weeks and never took Rory on a date.

3 Luke and Lorelai’s first “I love you”

Luke and Lorelai have shared some unforgettable romantic moments onscreen, but the one where they say “I love you” for the first time isn’t one of them. Since Luke is reserved and cautious with his emotions, it must have been a big deal for him to say.

What fans get instead is that Luke and Lorelai suddenly feel comfortable professing their love for each other on a daily basis. Once they started dating, their relationship was no longer a slow burning one like it used to be. Instead, they were instantly “full” so fans missed out on many crucial moments in their romance.

2 Max’s reaction to Lorelai’s break-up with him

Lorelai and Rory Roadtrip - Girls Gilmore

One of the most immature things Lorelai has done was break up with Max on their wedding day without telling him. She just took off instead, taking the audience with her.

It is not known exactly how Lorelai broke up with him. Judging from the awkward conversation with Chilton in Season 3, it’s safe to assume that she never told him and that he must have figured out what happened on his own. After all, he knew Lorelai was having trouble engaging.

1 Sookie’s wedding

Sookie married Jackson in the Season 2 finale, but the marriage was completely overshadowed by Lorelai getting back together (and breaking up) with Christopher and Rory kissing Jess for the very first time.

Sookie is one of the most important supporting characters, so it would have been nice to see her walk down the aisle, dance with Jackson, or cut the wedding cake. Instead, the audience couldn’t see her panicking in the kitchen until before the ceremony.

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