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After 12 seasons of The Big Bang Theory, there are bound to be episodes that fans don’t necessarily like as much as others. Some episodes are monumental for the series while others appear to be filler episodes to get through a particular season.

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On Reddit, fans have gathered to share their list of episodes which they tend to skip every time they appear. Whether it is because of a wacky storyline or a choice of character by the actors, all the episodes of TBBT was perfection according to these fans.

ten “The Gothowitz Deviation”

Howard and Raj in Gothowitz's Deviation from the Big Bang Theory

In “The Gothowitz Deviation”, Howard and Raj decided to join a Gothic themed party at a local bar. The only way to fit in was to dress gothic and wear fake tattoos. The duo ended up impressing two women, but their schtick fell apart when the women found out their tattoos were fake.

Reddit’s NucclearLavaLamp didn’t think it was one of the worst The Big Bang Theory episodes but said, “I find that super boring” while watching the episode. Fortunately, Raj and Howard gave up on this fake lifestyle after this episode.

9 “The Dissection of the Accord”

Penny, Sheldon and Amy dance in The Agreement Dissection on TBBT

In “The Agreement Dissection”, everyone is fed up with Leonard and Priya as a couple. With the couple lounging in Apartment 4a, Sheldon steps out for some fresh air, joining Penny, Bernadette and Amy for a girls’ night out.

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The next day, Sheldon puts Leonard and Priya’s relationship to the test by warning them that he is going to tell his parents about their love. Priya interferes with her plan because she didn’t want her parents to find out about her relationship. Like Sheldon, TrishLovesDolphins also hated Priya and Leonard, saying, “I really hated the whole thing. The second she refused to introduce him to her parents as her boyfriend, he should have dumped her and not looked back. . “

8 “Analysis of Skank’s reflexes”

Penny and Raj sitting on the couch in TBBT

In Season 5‘s “The Skank Reflex Analysis”, Penny and Raj discuss the consequences of their actions. In the previous episode, Penny and Raj woke up naked in bed together, shocked at what happened.

When everyone found out about their date, Penny questioned her lifestyle choices. And while there are a lot of fans who love Penny’s spontaneity, Reddit’s AngelaMartini skips this episode because of her actions. “I think Penny was beyond that as a character. It really bothers me for some reason,” they said.

7 “The amplification of the guitarist”

Penny and Leonard fight over her friend who sleeps on her couch on TBBT

When fans first met Penny, she was a social butterfly who always dated friends. Over time, Penny’s social life was meaningless to fans as she slowly stopped dating anyone outside of her new group of friends.

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In “The Guitarist Amplification,” Penny told Leonard about a friend of hers who was staying in his apartment for a few days. The two argue about it because Leonard found it inappropriate for the two to get together. Because of their argument, Sheldon ran away from home because he couldn’t take it anymore. Likewise, a Redditor said this episode was “by far the worst TBBT episode ever … Sheldon acts like a 12 year old the entire episode. “

6 “The complexity of the boyfriend”

The timeline of Leonard and Penny’s relationship was chaotic before they finally married. In “The Boyfriend Complexity,” Penny didn’t have the heart to tell her father that she and Leonard broke up, so she claimed they were still together (despite Leonard’s continued feelings for her).

DoomKick said Reddit, “‘The Boyfriend Complexity’ was really boring and cringe in my opinion.” The grinding of it all came from Penny and Leonard’s fake relationship and Penny’s father’s involvement.

5 “The Terminator Decoupling”

Howard flirts with Summer on a train while Penny is on the phone on TBBT

Before Howard moved in with Bernadette, he and Raj often searched for women together, which was scary.

A Redditor noted that this episode, in particular, was an “absolutely creepy creepy level,” because Howard and Raj stalked actress Summer Glau on a train. Because of their wacky actions, it’s a The Big Bang Theory episode difficult to watch twice.

4 The Bakersfield Expedition

Zetta_Baron noted that “The Bakersfield Expedition” was “more painful to watch than funny”. In the episode, Sheldon, Raj, Leonard and Howard all dressed up as their favorite Star Trek characters for Bakersfield Comic-Con.

Unfortunately, their car was stolen on their way and the group got stuck in the desert. Sheldon began to question their dedication to the fandom, which also upset fans enough to skip him.

3 “The deterioration of applications”

The Deterioration of Apps episode on TBBT with Howard, Sheldon, Leonard and the girls

In “The Application Deterioration”, Howard, Sheldon and Leonard are disturbed when they discover that they cannot file a patent on their gyroscope without the university owning 75% of it. They agree to split the 25% into three ways by drafting a contract in Sheldon’s name.

Meanwhile, Bernadette doesn’t think Howard should sign the contract blindly, and Raj is saddened at a girls’ night out and wonders if he should get back with Emily. A fan said Reddit, “Raj’s story was just painfully absurd. They didn’t like the way the writers “forced” Emily back into the show when fans weren’t hooking up with her.

2 “The nanocluster of the working song”

Sheldon Cooper and Penny Penny Blossoms in The Big Bang Theory

While some fans consider “The Work Song Nanocluster” to be an excellent The Big Bang Theory episode that viewers can watch over and over again, others didn’t like it.

In the episode, Penny decides to start her own business called Penny Blossoms. These are hair clips that are handmade to look like flowers. Sheldon promised to help him make his business a success, but they couldn’t do it alone. They also needed help from Leonard, Howard, and Raj. TaoTeChing81 “didn’t like the impossibility of that.” They went on to say, “In one day, they built a website, sold over 2,000 articles, and got comments ?!”. Due to the impossibility of all of this, this episode is skipped.

1 “The marriage momentum”

While “The Matrimonial Momentum” was a monumental episode for Leonard and Penny, some fans prefer to skip it.

AngelaMartini said the episode “was so bad I almost completely stopped watching it”. It could be because Penny and Leonard ran away without telling anyone. Or it could be because Sheldon and Amy are grappling with the end of their relationship.

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