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While Lorelai plays a big role in every episode of Gilmore Girls, some episodes focus on this beloved character and help fans understand his motivations, feelings, and personality. Whether Lorelai is worried about giving Rory the best life possible or she’s caught up in her dramatic love life, Lorelai’s storylines are always equal parts emotionally charged and hilarious. It’s this combination that keeps fans coming back to the show and re-watching it all the time.

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From a memorable episode of Netflix’s revival A year in the life which sheds light on Lorelai’s next path in life in some previous episodes, there are several Gilmore Girls episodes that allow Lorelai to shine.

ten “Teach Me Tonight” (S2, E19)

Lorelai Gilmore and Luke Danes fight over Jess in Gilmore Girls

Thinking of the best of Jess Gilmore Girls storylines, it’s hard not to remember the season 2 episode when Rory helps Jess study and they get into a car accident. While it’s a tough time for the two teenage characters, it’s also an important episode because Lorelai thinks it’s all down to Luke.

Fans don’t like Lorelai’s behavior here because she’s being mean to Luke and she should realize that this accident wasn’t anyone’s fault. Although it’s not a fun episode to watch as it involves a lot of arguing, it does show that Lorelai has times when she’s terrified of losing Rory and it makes her say things she doesn’t mean. .

9 “Application anxiety” (S3, E3)

Split image of Rory and Lorelai holding an app and in front of a house on Gilmore Girls

Although this Season 3 episode sees Rory worrying about not being accepted into Ivy League colleges, it’s a pivotal episode about how Lorelai has always worked hard to put Rory on the right track. Now Lorelai fears that isn’t enough, and she doesn’t know what to think.

Whether it’s getting swept up in Emily’s worries about celebrities going to Harvard or sharing a strange meal at some very intense alumni’s, Lorelai shines in this episode as Rory’s biggest support system. .


8 “Raincoats and Recipes” (S4, E22)

Lorelai and Rory in their kitchen on Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls fans love to see Lorelai’s hard work pay off when she opens the Dragonfly Inn. In the Season 4 finale “Raincoats and Recipes,” Lorelai has a tryout, and her personal life is just as intense in this episode as her professional life.

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While Lorelai makes sure everything is going well and her guests are happy, Emily and Richard tell her they’re going their separate ways. At the end of the episode, Rory tells Lorelai that she slept with Dean. This is a significant episode for Lorelai as she realizes her family is falling apart and she doesn’t know what to do next, although she is thrilled that her career dreams are coming true.

7 “A house is not a house” (S5, E22)

Lorelai and Rory have a serious talk about Gilmore Girls

Rory makes a lot of mistakes at Yale, and fans still don’t know why she stole a boat and stopped going to Yale. Although this is a huge moment in Rory’s life, this decision has consequences and forces Lorelai and Rory to stop talking to each other, which clearly shows that it negatively affected Lorelai.

Lorelai is confused as to how Rory could make this choice, and Lorelai feels even more lost and estranged from her family when Emily and Richard say they will let Rory live with them. This is one of Lorelai’s most emotional and vulnerable moments.

6 “Twenty-one is the loneliest number” (S6, E7)

Lorelai and Rory talk at Rory's 21st birthday party on Gilmore Girls

Lorelai has many dreams for Rory, ranging from attending Harvard to an epic and fabulous party for her 21st birthday. This Season 6 episode stands out as it’s Emily who throws a party for Lorelai and Lorelai finds herself even more disconnected from her family.

While it’s sad to revisit this episode, it proves that Lorelai is an incredibly strong character. Lorelai is determined to get along with Rory again, but she knows her feelings about Rory’s life choices are still valid.

5 “The Harvard Road Trip” (S2, E4)

harvard road trip - gilmore girls

“The Road Trip To Harvard” is an unforgettable episode, with Rory helping her mother heal from her broken engagement to Max.

Lorelai is both hilarious and serious here, joking about the awful bed and breakfast they’re staying at and coming home and deciding to open the hostel she talked about. This episode finds Luke and Lorelai talking about Lorelai’s business dreams, which is charming and sets up the great relationship the two will have later on.

4 “Love and War and Snow (S1, E8)

Love and War and Snow episode of Gilmore Girls

Of all the Gilmore Girls episodes on the first snow, this episode of season 1 is the most special. Lorelai meets Max and they have one of the most romantic moments either of them has had as they walk around Stars Hollow, eat, and get more serious with each other.

This is an important episode of Lorelai as fans see this character trying to find love and a connection with someone, and it’s one of her best storylines that doesn’t involve Rory. While Lorelai loves being a parent, she wants to find a partner, and it looks like Max could be.

3 “Autumn” (A Year in the Life, E4)

gilmore girls one year in the life lorelai wild ride moment

While fans don’t love every moment of A year in the life, the episode “Fall” is very significant for Lorelai. This character loves Cheryl Strayed’s memoir and movie Wild and wants to hike her own so she can think through difficult thoughts.

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After returning to Stars Hollow, Lorelai and Luke reconcile and marry, making Lorelai’s absence one of the most pivotal times in her life. Without this time in nature alone, Lorelai might have continued to feel totally lost and confused.

2 “The Lorelais’ First Day at Chilton” (S1, E2)

Split image of Lorelai walking down the stairs and Lorelai and Rory in Chilton on GIlmore Girls

the Gilmore Girls The episode “The Lorelais’ First Day Of Chilton” is pivotal for Rory, because it’s when she learns about the creepy private school she’ll eventually love to attend. This is also an important Lorelai episode as she makes a mistake and doesn’t have a proper outfit to wear.

While viewers wonder why Lorelai didn’t do the laundry sooner or come up with another plan in case something went wrong, this episode still shows that Lorelai is an ordinary person who isn’t. no perfect. Lorelai feels guilty for not making a better first impression, recalling what a great mother she is.

1 “Pilot” (S1, E1)

Gilmore Girls Pilot Friday Night Dinner

Of all the Gilmore Girls episodes, the pilot is where fans learn everything they need to know about Lorelai: she’s a fun, devoted mother with a great sense of humor, a love of coffee, and a poor relationship with her mother and his father.

In this first episode, Lorelai asks her parents to pay for Chilton so Rory can have a better education, and it’s when fans first see the characters get together for dinner on Friday night. Viewers learn that Lorelai will do anything for Rory and that their relationship is the most important thing in her life, a common thread that will continue throughout the show.

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