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Many TV shows push each other incredibly hard, but Dan Harmon Community often felt like it was a show that constantly pushed the medium to its limits, for better and for worse. Community has gradually become niche programming, but it’s a testament to storytelling and the use of pop culture and pastiche as a filter for deeper character drama.

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Community exceeded expectations back to its original run and it has been able to build up an even more rabid fan base since its six seasons ended. Community pushes ideas extremely off the beaten path, but it’s a surprisingly persistent seriescertain episodes being particularly representative.

ten “App Development And Condiments” presents a dystopia not far from reality

Community Jeff Stand-Up MeowMeowBeenz Header

Community The fifth season is a big year for the comedy, as it marked the return of creator Dan Harmon to the show after he was fired at the end of the third season. Season 5 is a mixed bag, but it still contains some of the best episodes of the series, namely “App Development and Condiments”. The episode riffs on sci-fi dystopias to like Zardoz and Logan’s Race after a new social networking app, MeowMeowBeenz, was tested in Greendale. A caste society breaks out that judges people based on their rank. It’s hilarious, but also incredibly prescient and essentially the same plot as black mirror “Dive of the nose”, but years earlier.

9 “Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas” is a love letter to seasonal Claymation classics

Group photo from the community claymation episode.

Community is often at its best when immersed deeply in a concept, and the series treats holiday episodes with an added level of reverence. Many shows go beyond Christmas episodes and Community go for it all here. “Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas” is a perfect tribute to Holiday Clay Specials it’s both nostalgic and fresh. It subverts standard holiday special tropes but remains beholden to the past. Clay specials are something that live shows turn to more often now and Community was at the start of the trend.

8 “Horror Fiction in Seven Chilling Steps” is a Horror Anthology Masterpiece

TV Community Halloween Horror Fiction

The Halloween episode of Community The second season, “Epidemiology,” tends to get the most attention for its zombie genre nutcases, but season 3’s “Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps” is the most layered and articulate piece of TV. .

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The Halloween episode works like a fun anthology where each character tells their own version of a twisted horror story. Horror anthology series have become rampant on TV, so Community foray into this department still stands now. More than anything, it’s a huge structural achievement that the episode tells eight separate stories in 23 minutes.

7 ‘Emotional Consequences of Broadcasting TV’ Is a Near-Perfect Series Finale

Community TV Series Final Board Game

the sixth and final season of Community directed to the short-lived Yahoo! Screen, and he doesn’t get enough credit for all he does. There’s a lot to love about Season 6, but the show’s final episode, “Emotional Consequences of Broadcast Television,” gracefully wraps up the series in a way that feels incredibly fitting for the metaseries. The series finale essentially has each character kicking off their own version of a seventh season, which functions as a strong character study and deconstruction of the show itself. So many series struggle with their ending, but Community is an example of how to come out on top.

6 ‘Remedial Chaos Theory’ Brings the Multiverse to TV Comedy

Community Healing Chaos Theory episode.

So much work goes into every episode of Community, but Season 3‘s “Remedial Chaos Theory” is consistently touted as one of the show’s strongest episodes and is the only episode to receive written attention at the Emmys. “Remedial Chaos Theory” is another economic masterpiece that turns a simple night of gaming into a meditation on free will, butterfly effects, and alternative deadlines, which become a recurring motif throughout the rest of the series. The multiverse has only become a more mainstream topic in recent years, which makes “corrective chaos theory” even better.

5 ‘Paradigms Of Human Memory’ pokes fun at recycling music video shows

TV Community Fake Clip Show Locomotive

Clip shows have become a relatively outdated idea in television since they were originally presented at a time when in-home press releases and on-demand access were unavailable. Community has always strived to cleverly subvert television conventions, and season 2‘s “Paradigms of Human Memory” features a “fake” clip show, where all of the “old” footage comes from never-before-seen episodes.

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The entry is a bewildering realization for how much it crams in and is able to distill entire episodes to their strongest punchlines. Other comedies like It’s always sunny in Philadelphia, slowly began experimenting with reflective clip shows.

4 “Basic Lupine Urology” celebrates the endless institution of law and order

TV Community Law and Order March

One of the most playful conceptual episodes that Community turns to season 3’s “Basic Lupine Urology”, which lovingly recreates the structure and aesthetics of a Law and order episode. Even those who have never seen Law and order having a familiarity with its staples is why this episode works as well as it does. There is not only an abundance of Law and order programs which are still on the air, but the original series is even making a comeback. In this sense, it seems Community The riff on the long-running crime procedural franchise has never been more relevant.

3 “Conspiracy theories and interior design” go down the rabbit hole

TV Community Conspiracy Theories and Dean of Interior Design

Chris McKenna is one of Community strongest writers, and he’s recently become a big part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe scripts. “Conspiracy Theory and Interior Design” is an unpredictable episode that culminates in such a high place of madness. The episode plays on elaborate conspiracy theories, but the final centerpiece that turns into a ridiculous lesson in gun safety is one of Community strongest material. It’s all so hyperbolized, but there’s still an important message about the weapons being made that’s only more applicable now.

2 “Digital Estate Planning” Creatively Embraces Retro Gaming

TV Community Digital Estate Planning Video Game Episode

Community is fearless when it comes to some of their more elaborate concept episodes, and the series has spun into animation on several occasions. “Digital Estate Planning” sends the cast into a video game with the majority of the episode depicted through retro pixel art. There’s a moving story about acceptance that drives “digital estate planning,” but there are also so many fun nods to video game mechanics, and its presentation is spot on. Retro video games have made a bit of a comeback and with the popularity of Twitch and streaming, it suddenly isn’t so strange to watch a 16-bit adventure unfold.

1 ‘A Fistful of Paintballs’ and ‘For a Few More Paintballs’ Bring Action Epic to TV

TV community for a few more paintballs Troy

Community has had many traditions and running gags, but the paintball show represents the wildest show. Season 1’s “Modern Warfare” cements Community like a comedy classic, but season two’s two-part return to the concept takes it even further into the chaos. All of the western and action tropes are a delight, but it was these episodes of the Russo Brothers that really caught Marvel Studios’ attention. They are excellent Community episodes, but they’re just as fun to watch as the first glimpses of the brilliant director of Joe and Anthony Russo.

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