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Nickelodeon has had the advantage of programming some of the best live and animated children’s shows, which puts it ahead of competitors like Cartoon Network and Disney Channel. With double the iconic content comes double the iconic holiday specials, which is the opposite of an issue at the start of the holiday season.

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When it comes to Christmas episodes, Nickelodeon shows have something for everyone. From the experience of a first Christmas under the sea to traditional family reunions, there is an episode of Christmas that everyone can relate to. And the best part is that all of these episodes are available to stream, mostly from Paramount +.

ten Henry Danger: “Holiday Punch” (S5, E28) – 8.0

Henry Danger in front of paper snowflakes recording video in Henry Danger

Christmas is not Christmas without Christmas trees, that is exactly what “Holiday Punch” focuses on. After a new species of butterfly devastates the Christmas tree population in Swellview, Captain Man and Kid Danger buy more in a local town. However, on the way back, they cross paths with sinister tree merchants who want to take their trees.

This episode maintains the Christmas spirit with an action-style plot as Kid Danger and Captain Man find themselves in an epic car chase and fight to save the holidays sequence. With lots of fun gags like using Christmas lights to steer the car, “Holiday Punch” is a fun and spirited episode for the whole family.

9 The Fairly OddParents: “Christmas every day! “(S1, E7) – 8.0

Timmy's parents greet Vicky while Timmy is stuck in a fruit cake in Fairly Oddparents

“Christmas Every Day” is perhaps one of the most iconic episodes of The Quite strange parents all time. The episode opens with Timmy singing about how much he loves Christmas, leading him to wish every day was Christmas. While it starts out as a good thing, everyone is quickly annoyed by Christmas, including the armed forces trying to take down Santa and other holiday mascots.

The episode is full of fun and hilarious moments, including an epic battle sequence between Santa and the other holiday pets. It also teaches the lesson that the special thing about Christmas is that it only happens once a year.


8 Victorious: “A Christmas Tori” (S2, Ep12) – 8.1

Cat, Tori and Jade performing in Santa Claus themed outfits in Victorious

It’s Christmas season at Hollywood High and not everyone is feeling festive. In order to get everyone in the holiday spirit, Sikowitz gets them to participate in a “Secret Santa” gift exchange. Besides trying to find the perfect gifts, Andre faces his first failure and Beck is deprived of sleep due to loud cricket.

“A Christmas Tori” is a fun episode because everyone is assigned the person they least like, which leads to some heartwarming moments between the characters. It also features Cat, Tori and Jade singing André’s original holiday song “It’s Not Christmas With You,” which is one of the best musical performances of the series.

7 Kenan & Kel: “Merry Christmas, Kenan!” (S1, E11) – 8.2

Kenan disguised as Santa Claus and Kel disguised as elf in Kenan & Kel

As the holiday season approaches, Kenan finds himself just under the amount he needed to buy a new bike. Not ready to give up, Kenan takes a job as Santa Claus at a department store while Kel signs up to be one of Santa’s elves. Although the two initially signed up for the money, they eventually learn the true meaning of Christmas by interacting with various children.

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Like all great holiday episodes, “Merry Christmas, Kenan!” ends on a heartfelt note when Kenan realizes he should use his money to buy a bicycle for one of the children’s sisters who visited him at the mall. It’s a great episode for those who need a quick reminder that it’s better to give than receive.

6 Rugrats: “The Father Christmas Experience” (Season 2, Episode 14) – 8.2

Angelica sitting on Santa's lap in Rugrats

Over the years, Rugrats aired several holiday episodes, including a memorable Hanukkah-themed episode. But when it comes to Christmas, the one that fans flock to year after year is “The Santa Experience” because it perfectly sums up the characters and the true meaning of Christmas.

After an unpleasant experience with the Santa Mall, Angelica becomes skeptical about the existence of Santa Claus. Wanting to keep the magic alive, the families decide to spend Christmas together in a cabin for a traditional Christmas. Meanwhile, Tommy and Chuckie try to capture Santa Claus so that Chuckie can overcome his fear.

5 Big Time Rush: “Big Time Christmas” (S2, E8 & 9) – 8.5

Big Time Rush in Christmas Pajamas

While some consider “Big Time Christmas” to be a made-for-television movie, it aired during the show’s second season, which qualifies it as a two-part episode. As the boys prepare to return home to celebrate Christmas with their families, they are forced to enter the studio to record three new holiday songs. In the end, the boys record the song and spend Christmas in LA together.

The episode is fun and special for a number of reasons, including the fact that it features two guest appearances. Miranda Cosgrove and Snoop Dogg appear in the episode to record holiday songs with Big Time Rush. It also included four holiday songs, including two originals.

4 SpongeBob: “Christmas who?” (S2, E8) – 8.9

Spongebob Squidward hugging Santa Squidward

The Spongebob square pants The episode “Christmas Who” is often on the list of the best Christmas episodes of all time. The two-part episode begins with Sandy telling SpongeBob SquarePants all about Christmas in Texas. Her stories inspire her to teach the people of Bikini Bottom the Christmas spirit. When it’s revealed that Santa hasn’t stopped everyone is disappointed, forcing Squidward to join in the Christmas party.

“Christmas who?” scored many firsts for Spongebob, including being the first full two-part episode and the first appearance of Patchy the Pirate, SpongeBob’s number one fan. It also includes the catchy song “Santa’s Coming Tonight”.

3 Les Casagrandes: “A very Casagrandes Christmas” (S2, E6) – 9.0

The Casagrandes celebrate Christmas in their house

The Casagrandes have plenty going on as they wrap up their Las Posadas celebration and get ready for a fun Noche Buena celebration. However, their celebrations need to be adapted and put on hold as their friendly neighbors keep interrupting them to ask for various kinds of help.

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“A Very Casagrandes Christmas” is a fun Christmas-themed episode as it shows how other cultures and families celebrate Christmas. It’s also a good reminder that sometimes all it takes to have a good vacation is to be surrounded by good company.

2 The Loud House: “11 Louds a Leapin ‘” (S2, E2) 9.3

The Loud family singing in The Loud House

While The noisy house has aired several holiday-themed episodes, the most memorable which screams Christmas the most is the season 2 episode “11 Louds a Leapin”. court leading him to create a plan to save him. There are many animated Christmas specials out there and “11 Louds a Leapin ‘” is a fun animated episode.

The best part about this episode is that the Louds all celebrate Christmas in different ways. Luna and Luan focus on Christmas music, but in different ways Leni makes Christmas outfits and the other family members each have their own chores, from having fun to stressing out to giving gifts.

1 Hey Arnold: “Arnold’s Christmas” (S1, E11) – 9.3

Helga, Arnold and Gerald go Christmas shopping in Hey Arnold

An annual tradition at Arnold’s boarding house is for everyone to participate in the Secret Santa Exchange and this year Arnold is drawing Mr. Hyunh’s name. Always one for thoughtful gifts, Arnold struggles to come up with a gift idea and instead asks Mr. Hyung what he wants. Arnold then learns that Mr. Hyung has a daughter he hasn’t seen or spoken to in decades.

What’s so special about “Arnold’s Christmas” is that Arnold really helps everyone see that Christmas presents only matter when the gifts come from the heart. He also teaches viewers that material things aren’t always the best, and sometimes the most personal gifts are just being around loved ones.

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