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Nickelodeon has released many successful television shows that span multiple seasons. As a result, Nickelodeon TV series often include holiday episodes, such as a spooky episode for Halloween.

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Nickelodeon Halloween episodes exude classic holiday feeling through spooky aesthetics and horror elements. Nickelodeon shows effectively blend comedy with Halloween, creating memorable episodes that fans love to rewatch. From Nickelodeon cartoons to live shows, great Halloween episodes are available.

10/10 Timmy wanted everyone’s costumes to be real and spooky

my godparents are magic

In my godparents are magic episode, “Scary Godparents”, Timmy Turner and his friends are having a bad Halloween. Compared, the costumes of Timmy and his friends are not as impressive as those of popular children. Out of frustration, Timmy wants their costumes to be “real and scary”.

“Scary Godparents” is a fun episode. Although it doesn’t focus on horror, it does contain a fair amount of action that spice up the story. Plus, while Timmy and his friends transform into monsters, popular kids transform into supervillains of the crash nebula To display. The Villains are about to destroy the planet, so Timmy must be resourceful and find a way to stop them.

9/10 Jimmy Neutron turned his friends into monsters

The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron

In The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron episode “Nightmare of Retroville”, Jimmy Neutron invented something that could turn people into monsters. As such, he turned Carl Wheezer and Sheen Estevez into a vampire and a werewolf, respectively. However, Carl and Sheen’s DNA mutated too much, which made them want to suck blood and eat human flesh. This led to the characters re-enacting classic horror movie tropes.

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“Nightmare of Retroville” is a love letter to horror movies, especially old universal monster movies like Frankenstein, Draculaand The werewolf. It was fun to see Jimmy Neutrontackles the mythologies of monsters. In the end, Jimmy transforms into a giant octopus to save his friends.

8/10 The Halloween special saw Danny Eat underwear

Danny Ghost

In the episode “Fright Knight”, Danny Fenton makes a bet with Dash Baxter to see who can make a scarier haunted house. If Danny loses, he has to eat Dash’s stained underwear.

Danny Ghost features the villain the Fright Knight, a formidable adversary who has more appearances in the series. The episode also ended with Danny losing the bet, resulting in one of the most memorable Danny Ghost ends when he eats Dash’s underwear. It wasn’t a particularly pleasant ending, but “Fright Knight” had a lot of spooky elements for the Halloween season.

7/10 Spencer made a giant Jack-O’-Lantern


In the iCarly episode, “iScream on Halloween”, Carly Shay, Sam Puckett, and Freddie Benson enter a supposedly haunted apartment. The characters reject the idea of ​​a haunted area until strange things start happening. Meanwhile, Spencer Shay makes a giant pumpkin jack-o’-lantern and has to deal with a bunch of angry cheaters.

“iScream on Halloween” is an interesting Halloween episode with some good laughs. Spencer is the highlight due to its subplot of having to hide from a mob of angry children. How the kids get their reward against Spencer is one of the most memorable moments in iCarly.

6/10 Fans saw Spongebob’s brain

Sponge Bob SquarePants

“Scaredy Pants” is an enjoyable and nostalgic episode for Sponge Bob SquarePants Fans. Since SpongeBob is scared all the time, he does his best to scare others. In the end, he unwittingly manages to scare everyone with his shaved head.

The episode is notable for having the first appearance of the iconic Flying Dutchman, who became a recurring character on the show. The episode also features the memorable reveal of SpongeBob’s brain, which is pretty good nightmare fuel and makes SpongeBob terrifying.

5/10 Arnold and Gerald tricked the neighborhood into believing aliens were invading

Hi Arnold!

In the Hi Arnold! episode, “Arnold’s Halloween”, Arnold Shortman and Gerald Johanssen pull a prank that goes terribly wrong. They accidentally make the whole neighborhood think aliens have invaded. All the adults try to hunt down the aliens, who are actually Arnold’s classmates in costume.

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Along with the series’ usual humor, the stakes are high as the adults are out to kill the “aliens”. There is also a remarkable and heartwarming moment with Helga Pataki and her father. Although he spends the episode neglecting her, the ending shows him happily hugging Helga, demonstrating that he cares for her.

4/10 Lincoln and Clyde saved Halloween

The noisy house

In The noisy house episode, “Tricked”, Lincoln Loud and Clyde McBride must save everyone’s Halloween after driving two bullies through their neighborhood. Lincoln, Clyde, and Lincoln’s family manage to save Halloween from disaster, scaring the bullies away from their neighborhood for good.

“Tricked” exudes classic Halloween charm with multiple costumes and spooky elements, like bats and blood. Lincoln’s sister Lucy also shines in this episode with her love for Halloween. As a bonus, the episode includes a musical sequence with fall colors and spooky Halloween aesthetics.

3/10 Everyone at Pacific Coast Academy had great costumes

Zoe 101

The Zoe 101 episode, “Haunted House,” features awesome Halloween sets and costumes as Logan Reese attempts to create the best haunted house. “Haunted House” really oozes the spirit of Halloween and inspires viewers to decorate their own homes with fake skeletons and pumpkins.

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It’s clear that the wardrobe and set designers put a lot of work into “Haunted House.” Plus, the episode has some good laughs, like Chase Matthews wanting to play a creepy vampire, even though everyone thinks he looks like a magician.

2/10 The Aliens Thought The Cat Mansion Was Their Mothership

cat scratch

cat scratch is an underrated Nicktoon that features a fun Halloween episode where cats battle aliens from outer space. The aliens thought the Cat Mansion was their mothership and transported it to space.

As bizarre as the plot may seem, the cats don’t seem to think much of it. They’re scared, but goofy misadventures are such a part of their lives that aliens aren’t exactly the most shocking revelation. One of the cats, Waffle, even has alien offspring on Halloween, and there’s absolutely no explanation for how it happened.

1/10 Angry Beavers Gotta Live A B Movie

angry beavers

angry beavers is a nostalgic Nicktoon and its special, “The Day the World Was Peered Into,” is Nickelodeon’s best Halloween episode. The special effectively pays loving homage to classic B movies and sci-fi films.

In “The Day the World Was Scrutinized,” Daggett Beaver and Norbert Foster Beaver discover that aliens have invaded the home of their favorite B-series star. The aliens have turned the house into a black and white sci-fi movie. The episode has multiple references to classic movies and tropes, like the narrator talking about the overly convoluted plot. Anyone who loves cartoons, sci-fi, and B-movies would enjoy “The Day the World Was Scrutinized.”

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