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While the Disney Channel primarily focused on the world of live-action children’s television and Cartoon Network on children’s animated television, Nickelodeon has established itself as the best of both worlds. This was fine since the network was the first cable channel designed exclusively for children.

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Over the years, Nickelodeon has created some very successful live action and animation shows in a wide range of genres, from real life to superhero / fantasy worlds. Of course, many of these shows have their own Halloween-themed episodes. Much like their range of genres, Nickelodeon’s Halloween episodes range from silly to downright spooky.

ten Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide: “Halloween and Vampires, Werewolves, Ghosts and Zombies” (Season 3, Episode 5) – 7.4

Cookie disguised as a werewolf, Moze as a ghost and Ned as a vampire in Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

Ned declassified school survival guide was one of Nickelodeon’s smartest original series, which is why it ran for three seasons. The show was a fan favorite because of the survival tips featured in each episode, and the Halloween episodes were no exception.

Season 3 of the show featured two episodes of Halloween that aired together. The first focused on a school-wide Halloween party that got spooky when everyone thought Principal Pal was dead. The second episode turned college into a nightmare with the students assuming their costume identities. Tips included: “Get involved, throw a spooky party” and “Too much candy can give you nightmares.” “

9 Danny Phantom: “Fright Knight” (Season 1, Episode 13) – 7.7

Danny Phantom takes on a monster

Since Danny Phantom Centered around a 14-year-old boy transformed into a half-ghost with ghost-hunting parents, it’s only fitting that the show aired a Halloween-themed episode in its three seasons.

Set on Halloween night, “Fright Night” follows Danny and his high school nemesis Dash as they attempt to create the best Halloween haunted house for their vice president. Determined to be the creepiest, Danny borrows the sword from the legendary ghost Fright Knight who quickly turns on him. This is a great episode not only because of its Halloween theme, but also because Fight Night is one of the best evil ghosts Danny has encountered.

8 Fairly OddParents: “Scary Godparents” (Season 2, Episode 12) – 7.8

Timmy opens the door for Trixie and her wealthy friends in elaborate costumes in Fairly OddParents: "Scary godfathers"

With ten seasons, My sponsors are magic have aired a good chunk of vacation-themed episodes over the years. While their Christmases remain popular, many people forget about the classic Halloween-themed episode that aired in Season 2, despite being one of the more jam-packed episodes out there. action.

“Scary Godparents” takes place on Halloween night with Timmy in a lame costume. Stuck with Vicky, Timmy decides to wish everyone’s costumes were real and spooky, including his own mummy costume. However, disaster comes when rich kids transform into giant monster robots, making for some interesting entertainment.

7 Zoey 101: “Haunted House” (Season 2, Episode 4) – 7.9

Zoey disguised as Mariyln Monroe and Nicole as Dorthy in Zoey 101: "Haunted house"

Zoey 101 is one of the most well-known live Nickelodeon shows of the early 2000s and it should be considered the most expensive Nickelodeon production of all time. While the show didn’t do too many holiday-themed episodes, it did create one of the scariest Halloween episodes of all time.

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It’s a long PCA tradition for high school to host a haunted house for college. As Logan sets out to create the scariest house ever, Zoey and Chase fear he has gone too far. While creepy in nature, the episode also has a hilarious b plot with Michael being mistaken for an injured man and an even more hilarious twist ending with the haunted house plot.

6 Hey Arnold! : “Arnold’s Halloween” (Season 2, Episode 7) – 8.2

Helga and the other Residnets disguised as strange zombies in Hey Arnold!  :

Although he ran for five seasons and won two films based on the series, Hi Arnold! remains one of Nickelodeon’s most underrated animated shows. Season 2’s “Arnold’s Halloween” episode is still iconic as it is the only Halloween episode created by the series.

The episode is interesting because it is actually a parody of Orson Welles’ classic horror story “War of the Worlds”. Playing the tricky side of Halloween, Arnold and his best friend Gerald decide to play a prank on Grandpa by making him believe that aliens have landed in the city. The prank goes too far when the broadcast leaks and everyone in town thinks it’s real.

5 SpongeBob SquarePants: “Scaredy Pants” (Season 1, Episode 13) – 8.5

Patrick and SpongeBob trick or treat in non-spooky costumes in SpongeBob SquarePants: "Scary pants"

With over 200 episodes, it can be difficult for Sponge Bob SquarePants episodes remain memorable and iconic, but that doesn’t seem like a problem for the Halloween-themed episode of Season 1.

The episode begins with SpongeBob SquarePants discovering “The Flying Dutchman”, a ghost who steals souls on Halloween from Mr. Krabs. Terrified, SpongeBob returns home to be scared of Patrick. Tired of being scared, SpongeBob decides to try his hand at scare by turning into a ghost. While this isn’t the scariest episode, it’s full of laughs, especially when it’s revealed how well SpongeBob was shaved to look like a ghost.

4 Big Time Rush: “Big Time Halloween” (Season 2, Episode 5) – 8.6

Big Time Rush posing in their Halloween costumes

Big time Rush feel like it was created as a solution to Disney Channel’s success with musical comedy shows. And it was a hit for Nickelodeon, which aired for four seasons and won a TV movie and multiple albums. The show also featured one of Nickelodeon’s best Halloween episodes, as it created a sort of fantasy universe.

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Instead, “Big Time Halloween” took place in the future where humans and ghosts live in harmony simultaneously. Palsylvania is also home to supernatural beings, including Vampire James, Zombie Logan, Franken-Carlos, and Werewolf Kendall.

3 The Angry Beavers: “The Day the World Really Screwed Up” (Season 2, Episode 10) – 8.7

Angry Beavers dressed up a toe and archer in Angry Beavers: "The day the world really screwed up"

Angry beavers aired on Nickelodeon from 1997-2001 and was a bit more grown-up in humor than some of the other Nicktoons created around the time – making it a cartoon created for kids and adults alike. Likewise, the Halloween episode was peppered with adult humor while being relatively kid-friendly.

“The Day the World Got Fucked” followed Dag and Norb on their deceptive adventures that led them to venture into the spooky house on the hill, owned by their favorite movie star. The episode also featured a live action segment that was unheard of for the series.

2 Are You Afraid of the Dark: “The Tale of Laughter in the Dark” (Season 1, Episode 2) – 9.0

Terrifying Smiling Clown from Are You Afraid Of The Dark: "The story of laughter in the dark"

If there’s one Nickelodeon show that’s synonymous with Halloween, it’s the ’90s horror anthology series. Are you scared of the dark. Since then, the series has been rebooted twice and continues to be popular with young horror friends.

Although “The Tale of Laughing in the Dark” doesn’t take place on Halloween, it does feature a spooky haunted house located at a local amusement park. The episode is interesting because it is told halfway in a flashback format and half in real time with the characters discovering a clown ghost haunting the house. The episode is also a fan favorite according to Reddit.

1 The noisy house: “Deceived! (Season 2, Episode 22) – 9.3

Louds in costume prepare to cheat or feast in The Loud House: "Deceived !"

The noisy house quickly became one of Nickelodeon’s best animated shows of the 2010s and 2020s. With 5 seasons, the series is no stranger to holiday and Halloween episodes. However, the fan favorite remains the Halloween episode in Season 2.

” Deceived ! follows Lincoln and Clyde as they embark on a treat in the upscale neighborhood in the hopes of getting full-size candy bars. Meanwhile, older sister Lucy plans to create the biggest haunted house ever. Combining funny stories with a spooky haunted house is why this episode is rated so high.

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