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Many long-running cartoons include multiple holiday specials. Halloween specials typically use dark and spooky visuals, often delivering a spooky story to get people into the spirit of the season. At the same time, all of the cartoons stay true to their other installments, keeping the lovable characters and humor that made their series so good in the first place.

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There’s a lot to explore for these cartoons, such as specific monsters, how Halloween changes as kids get older, or they parody other famous Halloween works. They can often be relatable, delivering messages that have made them timeless. These episodes are perfect to watch in October.

10/10 The Fairly OddParents: Spooky Godfathers Turn Costumes Into Monsters

After discovering that kids with the best and scariest costumes get the most candy, Timmy Turner wants everyone’s costumes to be real and scary. It’s a great concept, as it caused the artists to re-imagine a variety of different costumes, as even the hero costumes were designed with a spooky factor.

Timmy combines a variety of different costume pieces, creating his own super-powered character in order to stop the bad guys. Many Halloween tropes are overdone here, making for a hilarious and memorable episode.

9/10 SpongeBob SquarePants: Cemetery Change Is Hilarious And Scary

quarter of cemetery comes from the second season of Sponge Bob SquarePants. During their night shift, Squidward Tentacles invents a scary story to scare SpongeBob. It describes a former fry cook from Krusty Krab, a vengeful ghost with a spatula for a hand.

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In a series of coincidences, all the signs of the Hash-Slinging Slasher begin to appear. It’s a fun story with lots of suspense. The episode has the show’s usual great humor, which is why it’s so memorable.

8/10 South Park: Pink Eye comedy builds on disappointing cast reactions

When Kenny’s embalming fluid is contaminated with Worcestershire sauce, he is resurrected as a zombie. It is slowly spreading throughout the town of South Park, despite being misdiagnosed as pink eye. What makes this episode so great is everyone’s inability to see that anything is wrong.

Kyle, Cartman, and Stan watch Kenny infect people while they are tricking or treating; they only get slightly angry that Kenny stops them from getting candy. Despite the zombie apocalypse, the trio of heroes can only think about candy, showing that unlike Christmas, Halloween specials don’t usually focus on spreading giveaway messages.

7/10 The Simpsons: Treehouse Of Horror V Has Three Memorable Shorts

Horror Treehouse V is one of the most popular Halloween specials in The simpsonsespecially because of its parody of the brilliant. The beginning of the short quickly sets the tone as being entirely comedic, with the family having to take a long drive home multiple times because Homer forgot to lock the doors.

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When they finally arrive at the house they’re supposed to be watching, Homer quickly descends into madness without a TV or beer. The other two specials are also excellent, depicting the consequences of time travel and a legitimately scary story about the school staff who cook the kids.

6/10 What if…? Zombies: The episode has zombified superheroes

This animated series imagined the heroes of the MCU in an apocalyptic world populated by zombies. This episode was so unique and well executed that Marvel decided to create a spin-off series. Zombies are smart enough to use their various powers to their advantage, and some, like Wanda Maximoff, seem capable of feeling emotions and attachments.

The stakes seem particularly high since the greatest defenders in the world are those who became the first zombies. The episode also has a creative spin on what keeps zombies away and where the virus comes from.

5/10 The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse: Once Upon A Time An Apple Gave The Evil Queen The Beauty She Wanted

Once upon a time there was an apple begins with the Evil Queen, who created her poison apple for Snow White. Although she tries to bring her apples to Snow White, she is foiled again and again by Mickey Mouse, who is just trying to be a good Samaritan. Filled with frustration and discovering that Mickey’s pure heart made him the most beautiful, she makes him her new target.

Her attempts to force him to eat his apples always end in a hilarious slapstick and failure. Eventually, Mickey helps her find her happy ending. The dark humor and sometimes grotesque visuals make it a Halloween staple and a fun twist on the original story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

4/10 The Replacements: Halloween Spirits Have Big Twists

In The substitutes, Todd and Riley Daring have the ability to call Fleemco, who can replace the adults in their lives who give them a hard time. In Halloween spiritsin order to win a neighborhood house decorating contest, they ask to replace their neighbors with more festive people.

Seeing the spooky things around the new couple and being told by Fleemco that they never replaced their neighbors, Todd and Riley have the spookiest Halloween of their lives. Some great twists in the episode are worth watching at least once.

3/10 Gravity Falls: Summerween has a relatable message and a big monster

Summerween is like a second Halloween in Gravity Falls since people there love the holidays so much. The episode shows Dipper Pines in the delicate step between loving Halloween and wanting to feel like part of the older crowd. However, he soon realizes that children can only enjoy the tricks for so many years, which makes Halloween all the more valuable.

The monster in this episode is also one of the most creative Halloween monsters of modern times, as it’s a sentient mass of discarded Halloween candy that no one likes.

2/10 Kim Possible: October 31 focused on how damaging a lie can be

At the beginning of October 31, Kim Possible got the Centurion Project stuck on her wrist. A little later, she is invited to Monique’s party, which causes her to lie to get out of a sleight of hand with Ron. She also lies to her mother, who overheard her conversation with Ron. Unfortunately, the villains also heard his lies, putting Ron and his family in danger.

This episode works so well because it shows how innocent and simple a lie can be, and how quickly it can spiral out of control. Lying is so out of place for Kim that even the bad guys seem to feel betrayed that she would do such a thing.

1/10 Looney Tunes Golden Collection: Broomstick Bunny

Witch Hazel was immensely proud of the fact that she was the ugliest witch and was terrified of becoming beautiful. So when Bugs Bunny showed up on her doorstep wearing a witch mask, she invited him in. She was eager to learn his secrets of true hideousness and planned to slip him a potion to make him look good.

Finding out he was a bunny, she did what most people would do in the classic looney tunes cartoons: she started chasing him, intending to eat him. His fear ends up kicking in at the end of the episode in a big payoff.

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