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Few teenage supernatural shows are as iconic and groundbreaking as Buffy the Vampire Slayer. buffy the vampire slayer is the Sarah Michelle Gellar-directed story about a high school girl who discovers she was destined to kill mythical creatures. buffy debuted in 1997 and ran for seven seasons on The WB and UPN before ending six years later.

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While on air, buffy was praised for its writing, dialogue, characters, performances, and direction. Several of Buffy’Episodes of s forever changed the teen fantasy and drama genre by introducing new tropes and subverting others.

ten Chosen marks the end of Buffy’s TV story (9.3)

Buffy Chosen

Often considered one of buffythe best episodes, Selected premiered in 2003 and served as the series finale. In SelectedBuffy and the rest of the Scooby Gang enter Hellmouth determined to confront the First Evil for the last time. Selected was written by Joss Whedon and was nominated for an Emmy Award and a Hugo Award.

Selected marked the death of two prominent figures, Anya and Spike, but the latter would be resurrected in a angel episode shortly after. four years later Selectedfirst show, buffythe story would come back in the buffy the vampire slayer comics, which will last until 2018.

9 Doppelgangland takes full advantage of the “Evil Twin” trope (9.3)

Buffy Double

Buffy’s best friend Willow meets her evil twin in doppelgangland. When Anya asks Willow for her help in retrieving an object from another dimension, they accidentally bring a vampire version of Willow to Sunnydale. With vampire Willow now wreaking havoc, Buffy and her friends must find a way to send her back.

doppelgangland gives viewers another glimpse into the reality that first appeared in The wishwhere vampires have taken over Sunnydale. doppelgangland has been a fan favorite since its premiere and has been praised for its writing, series continuity, and Alyson Hannigan’s performances.

8 Graduation Day: Part 2 Buffy and her classmates overthrow the demonic mayor of Sunnydale (9.3)

Buffy Graduation Part 2

In Graduation: Part 2, the Scooby Gang attempts to graduate and defend their school from a demon. After discovering that the Mayor of Sunnydale is a powerful wizard bent on becoming a demon, Buffy must rely on her classmates to bring him down.

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Graduation: Part 2 is the second half of the two-part season three finale. Originally supposed to premiere in May 1999 in the United States, Part 2 was postponed to July of the same year and attracted over six million viewers. This was David Boreanaz and Charisma Carpenter’s last episode as regular cast members, as they moved on to starring in angel.

7 Innocence is one of the most watched episodes (9.3)

Buffy Innocence

With more than eight million viewers when it first aired, Innocence remains buffythe highest rated episode. Following the events of the previous episode, Buffy must destroy a soulless angel who has reverted to his Angelus persona and returned to Drusilla. Meanwhile, Xander, Willow and Cordelia find themselves in a love triangle.

The story in two parts Surprise/Innocence won buffy one of her two Emmys, receiving the award for Outstanding Makeup in 1998. Innocence was praised for its shocking twists and impressive action scenes, as well as Sarah Michelle Gellar’s acting. Designer Joss Whedon named Innocence his favorite episode in buffy.

6 Passion is one of the darkest stories in Buffy the Vampire Slayer (9.4)

buffy passion

Buffy tries to find a way to keep Angelus from entering her house at Passion, buffytwenty-ninth episode. Now that Angel has lost his soul, he continues to taunt Buffy and her friends. Jenny works out how to restore it and tries to reconcile with Giles. Passion was led by buffyby cinematographer Michael Gershman.

Passion is one of the darkest stories of buffy. Passion’Highlights include David Boreanaz’s narration, his blend of comedy and drama, and Anthony Stewart Head’s performance. Passion also includes Jenny Calendar’s sudden and grim death near the end, making this her final appearance.

5 The Gift explores Buffy’s moral code and purpose as a Slayer (9.5)

Buffy the gift

Gift is the hundredth episode and the fifth season finale of buffy the vampire slayer. As another apocalypse threatens Sunnydale, Buffy and the rest of the Scooby Gang must find a way to defeat Glory before she can use Dawn for her nefarious purposes.

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Gift explores the dichotomy between Buffy’s moral code as a hero and as a human. More famously, she sacrifices herself towards the end of Gift before being revived by Willow the following season. Gift was also praised for its emotional performances, perfect pacing, and witty dialogue.

4 Becoming: Part 2 is a fan favorite for its emotional and action-oriented scenes (9.6)

Buffy gets part 2

The second half of the two-part season two finale, Becoming: part 2 has Buffy and the Scoobies in a race against time to stop Angelus, Drusilla and Spike from unleashing the demon Acathla. In a shocking twist, Angel can regain his soul moments before Buffy stabs him and sends him into a vortex.

Becoming: part 2 drew over four million viewers during its original run and won buffy his first Emmy for his musical composition. Becoming: part 2 received praise for its high stakes, characterization, and acting. It is also a favorite of buffy actress Sarah Michelle Gellar.

3 Hush is the most famous (and scariest) episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (9.7)

Buffy Hush

Arguably buffythe most famous story, silence features one of the most terrifying monsters – the Gentlemen. The Gentlemen are gruesome creatures that rob people of their voices to silently kill them. silence is known for its cinematography and lack of buffysignature comic dialogue.

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silence was the only Buffy episode to be nominated for an Emmy in the Outstanding Writing category for its exploration of language and its limits, filmmaking, and horror tropes. silence also introduced Tara Maclay, a witch who would later become Willow’s girlfriend.

2 Once again, With Feeling set the trend for “musical episodes” (9.7)

Buffy once more with feeling

In 2001, buffy created a new television trope with the release of Once again, with emotion, the famous musical episode of the series. Written by Joss Whedon, One more time follows Buffy and her friends as they face a mischievous demon who forces everyone to sing to reveal their deepest secrets.

Once again, with emotion was the hardest episode for the cast and crew, as it required months of vocal and dancing training and a different format from the rest of buffy. Its unprecedented success led to the production of similar musical episodes in other shows like Scrubs and Grey’s Anatomy.

1 The body explores mourning in its most real and crude form (9.7)

Buffy the body

In The bodyBuffy and the Scoobies are forced to deal with the sudden death of Buffy and Dawn’s mother, Joyce Summers. The body contrasts buffyThe fantastical treatment of death in a more realistic tone, presenting the loss of a loved one and the grief that accompanies it in its rawest form.

Although he did not receive any major accolades, The body was named by several reviewers as one of the best episodes in television history for its writing and use of diegetic cinematography and sound. The body is also notable for including the first homosexual kiss (between Willow and Tara) in Buffy. A truly revolutionary moment for LGBTQ+ representation on the small screen.

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