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Thinking of the characters who are gone Grey’s Anatomy and left the biggest impact, Cristina Yang certainly comes to mind. Meredith’s person fell in love a few times, but nothing looked right, and she was always strong and believed her career ambition would take her through anything.

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While many Grey’s Anatomy the episodes feature Meredith and Cristina hanging out and chatting about life, and fans are always going to count them among the best, there are several super powerful episodes that focus solely on Cristina.

ten Raindrops keep falling on my head (S2, E1)

In the Season 2 premiere, Cristina shares with Meredith that she is pregnant and chooses to keep Burke a secret, which will lead to tension a few episodes later.

Cristina’s desire not to have children is an important theme for her character, and it comes up several times over the course of Grey’s Anatomy. This episode is essential for understanding that Cristina knows herself incredibly well and that she doesn’t want anyone trying to change their mind.

9 Make me lose control (S2, E3)

Cristina Yang

In a heartbreaking episode, Cristina undergoes surgery on her fallopian tube after passing out, and Burke learns that she is carrying her baby. This is an important episode for Cristina fans as they know she is grieving in her own way here, even though she has always been open about not wanting to be a parent.

While Cristina appears to be her typical, independent and strong self, she becomes emotional in the following episode and it is clear that this tragedy has affected her. Fans see an improvement in Cristina as a character, and that’s because she becomes more real and vulnerable over time.

8 I am a tree (S3, E2)

Cristina, Burke and Burke's mother in the hospital in the episode of Grey's Anatomy

In this Season 3 episode, Cristina meets Burke’s mom and dad, and it doesn’t go well at all. Instead of seeing Cristina as the wonderful, brilliant person and doctor that she is, Burke’s mother thinks Cristina doesn’t have real feelings for her son, claiming that she just wants to know more about the surgery. him.

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Fans know that Cristina and Burke’s romance comes to a harsh conclusion and that family issues are just the beginning of their troubles. This is an important episode because it is a good reminder that Cristina needs a partner who supports how much she enjoys working and their family needs to feel the same.

7 Let the angels engage (S3, E6)

In this Season 3 episode, Cristina wants no one to know that Burke has a hand tremor. When Cristina is chosen for an operation known as “Humpty Dumpty”, Bailey wants to be in charge, and Cristina takes Bailey’s name off the board. This situation escalates later this season as Bailey knows exactly what Cristina has been up to.

Fans are torn by Cristina and Burke’s love affair, but this episode makes one thing clear: Even though Cristina is focused on her career, if she loves someone, she is loyal, compassionate and caring. She wants to take care of Burke, even if it could cause problems in her own professional life.

6 Didn’t we have almost everything? (S3, E25)

Cristina Grey's Anatomy - Worst TV Weddings

This is the famous episode where Burke leaves Cristina on their wedding day. It’s always a big deal when a character calls off their wedding, and this storyline is one that viewers associate with the first seasons of Grey’s Anatomy.

Burke’s decision makes for a fascinating episode as he admits he was wrong to ask Cristina to marry. He can tell it’s not something she really wants and that she would be doing herself a disservice if she was okay with it. Cristina is devastated but she realizes that she has to follow her heart, even if it means being alone. It’s one of his strongest moments and feels more powerful than some previous episodes.

5 Elevator Love Letter (S5, E19)

In what is one of the saddest episodes of the hospital drama that centers on Cristina, she falls asleep and wakes up to find Owen suffocating her.

Cristina finds out that Owen has PTSD and couldn’t tell her about it. She doesn’t know what to tell him or what to do, which is understandable, and it’s so hard for fans to watch these two beloved characters suffer.

4 Holidaze (S6, E10)

Cristina thinks Owen is in love with Teddy, and while she’s absolutely right, he swears she isn’t. This is a key episode because when you weigh the pros and cons of Owen and Cristina’s relationship, her feelings for Teddy emerge.

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It is also true that even though Owen cares so much for Cristina and respects her a lot, she does not want children and is angry with him. It’s something they can’t figure out because either way, one of them has to give up on their dream. This theme has been explored in other episodes, but this one still ranks quite high.

3 Flight (S8, E24)

In this famous Grey’s Anatomy Episode featuring the scary plane crash, Meredith tells Cristina, “You are still my person. Even though I am not yours.” Because of that important line, this episode is one of the best.

This was a big deal, as Cristina had explained to Meredith that Owen had to be her “person” instead of Meredith. Viewers need this reminder that no matter what is going on in their life and whether or not Cristina finds lasting love, they will always be best friends.

2 Do you know? (S10, E17)

Owen and Cristina fight in a bedroom on Grey's Anatomy

This Season 10 episode has a different structure than usual: Cristina is able to imagine two futures for herself. In the first, she and Owen get married and have two children. His career suffers as Ross receives the Harper Avery Award that Cristina should receive. In the second future, the couple always stay together, but they often separate and Owen abuses alcohol.

Cristina is at her best when torn between two different paths. Viewers appreciate how hard she wants to work, but they also know that she would also like to find love. There seem to be no simple answers here, and fans are finally realizing that this couple might not work out. This episode stands out for its writing quality and power.

1 Fear (of the unknown) (S10, E24)

Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) and Meredith Gray (Ellen Pompeo) in

Thinking of everyone Grey’s Anatomy season finale, Season 10 is special because it’s the last time fans see Cristina. She and Meredith say goodbye to each other and they have a heartbreaking final conversation. Cristina asks Meredith to make sure Owen is okay and Cristina also tells Meredith to take care of her. They also dance together, which fans always love to see.

This is certainly the most memorable Cristina episode as it ends her story and allows viewers to see that Meredith will be fine without her “person”, even though it will be difficult for her to live without Cristina. Watching Cristina show her best friend how meaningful she cares about her because Cristina can be tough, but she’s also very sweet.

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